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The Sacred Heart Experience Kit


Support Your Sacred Heart With The Help Of Our Sacred Heart Experience Kit

- SACRED HEART Elixir (50ml): Soothe your heart & surrender into self-love & acceptance during times of transition. Infused with 9 flower remedies for profound self-support, resilience, contentment & belonging.

- SACRED HEART Mist (50ml): Smells like dawn, the gentle sun rising on Day-Blooming Jasmine flowers next to a tropical perfumed Ylang Ylang tree.

- SOOTHING CINNAMON CHOCOLATE (50g): Savor the flavor reminiscent of a soft, warm cinnamon bun. Infused with LOTUSWEI Sacred Heart flower essences for hope, resilience & transmutation.

Have you felt any of the following recently?

  • Transformation or the ‘dark night of the soul’
  • Inner conflict or wrestling with something in your mind
  • Unsure of people’s motives around you
  • Grief, loneliness or overwhelm
  • Feeling ‘dirty’, impure or fear of doing something ‘wrong’
  • Loss or separation from loved ones
  • Not sure where you belong
  • Wanting to pull your hair out in frustration
  • Experiencing a lack of support from those around you
  • Self hatred or sabotage

If any of the above resonates with you, this was made for you!

This will encourage:

  • A softening into the present moment.
  • An ability to surrender into self-love and acceptance despite major changes.
  • Deep comfort & profound self-support.
  • Contentment, belonging & wisdom.
  • Self-love, self-acceptance & self-nurturing.

Use when you are feeling:

  • Confusion, loss and overwhelm
  • A time of transition and transformation
  • Inner conflict, loneliness & ‘dark night of the soul’
  • Separation, grief, heartache and loss
  • Feeling undervalued, ‘dirty’, overwhelmed or that something is wrong with

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