The subtle body is a gateway to your vitality.

Auric revitalization. Bioenergetic purification. Ethereal alignment.


Sacred Body


Sacred Body Flower Elixir Supplement Flower Elixir Blend with Silver to support the body’s natural detoxification and self-healing processes.

Sacred Body Wei Qi Facial Mist Flower Elixir Mist with Silver + Jasmine essential oil sprayed directly on the face.


Infused with 9 flower remedies for rapid detox, self-healing & vitality.

Customer Reviews

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Resets body and mind

Sacred body is my go to in times of overwhelm. The facial mist feels amazing and it helps me center and calm any time of the day. After cumulative use, I feel the effects of these essences even stronger.

One of my favorites

I like how this helped me focus more on prioritizing self care and what my body needs in the moment. I really haven’t been focused on doing what I need to do for myself and kept outsourcing healing. The idea of self healing is truly immaculate

Fourth Stage Dementia

I have several Lotus Wei mists; intuitively I have left Sacred Body in my clients room. They are living with forth stage dementia. After they fall asleep I feel called to mist their entire body. In the mornings when they awake, and when they awake from afternoon naps, I mist them above their head, their face and their body if I feel so called. My client soaks it in; visibly enjoys it by closing their eyes and taking a deep breath in and smiling and always asking “What is that? I tell them “Flowers and love.” And they say every time, “I like that”. As their main caregiver I personally feel a deep assurance and comfort knowing when I physically leave my clients room for the night I am leaving them adorned with the love, light, guidance and kindness of flowers. Honoring the intelligence of the flowers will take over for me while I close my eyes and rest if for some reason they pass in the night without notice. I have observed since using at night they are sleeping deeper and longer, awaking slowly from a deep sleep but when awake they have a fresh, clean, peacefulness about them. I have also observed a shift out of the denial stage in the death process and into a conversation of acceptance of their inevitable experience of death. Flowers and particularly Lotus Wei mists are such a gift for elders and in the process of memory loss and in the death process.

Sacred reset

After continuing with flower essences throughout the years, my self healing and reparation of mind, body, soul reuniting after a long death experience, Sacred Body was offered. Recognizing the beautiful power of nature unique in each that is a part of this blend, I immediately intuitively felt this was perfect for the jolt back that I need when I’m somewhat attacked by something toxic. I took both the elixir and this face mist. I work with multiple forms of subtle energy, crystals, sacred geometry, sound, food, meditation, etc. There are positive changes daily. I cannot pinpoint what the elixir did but I can say it felt like support. The facial mist is absorbed through the mucous membranes and instantly removes toxic buildup, resetting my senses. It’s a necessity in my busy life of an intense spiritual work ethic. Super clean, I feel refreshed, my air expensive and cleansing. Very helpful for our five bodies. Thank you.

True to name

This is the most overwhelmingly full and marvelous creation of Lotuswei's to date! I find myself absolutely craving the support of this blend.