June 21, 2017



{June 21 – July 22}

Cancer’s are loyal, dependable + caring. They have a deep ability to feel + empathize with others. From that, they develop a sense of protectiveness, which can sometimes be perceived as possessiveness. Dreams play a super important role in who they are as a person. Cancer’s have effective non-verbal communication. They don’t like to be demanding, but expect others to know what they desire. They’re lack of vocal power makes them come off as passive, which isn’t true at all. If fact, they are just extremely patient + mysterious!

Here are a few gift ideas to help you get past that Cancer mysteriousness!

Nandina Organic Towels

Cancer’s care a lot about having a harmonious + happy home. They enjoy taking tare of themselves + those they care about. Nandina provides organic bamboo towels which will make their skin + body happy as ever. After these water lovers steep in a nice, warm bath, they can snuggle up in a soft, luxurious towel! They even carry linens if you really want to spoil your favorite Cancer!

Playing Big

Centered around women’s leadership, Tara Mohr talks about how women are used to playing small. To achieve your dreams + reach the top, you must play big! She discusses the changes women need to make in + helps people take those steps. Encourage your favorite Cancer to take her dreams into reality!

Inner Peace Elixir

Since Cancers sometimes struggle with speaking out, Inner Peace can help build confidence + dissipate unwanted nervousness. The essence of the Silk Floss flower brings centeredness + allows you to reach the fullest point of self-expression. The flower combination in Inner Peace will help Cancer’s develop their verbal communication rather than sticking to a seemingly passive behavior.

White Howlite + Red Jasper

White Howlite eases unnecessary confrontation by helping people work through + healthily express negative emotions. This form of expression allows Cancer’s to think more clearly. Red Jasper encourages + balances their nurturing nature. String these crystals onto a chain or give them small ones to carry around with them throughout the day!

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