May 10, 2014

California Glory tree

California Glory tree

California Glory. It’s a tree commonly seen in the bay area. And there’s one particular California Glory tree in the San Francisco Botanical Gardens that I am always drawn to. Every time I see it, it provokes a different reaction. The first time it was wonder. Another time it was hysterical laughter. And this time it provoked insightful conversation. Every time I see this tree, it calls out, and we end up hanging out near it for a while.

We actually have this flower essence in our flower library:

Magnifies: cheerfulness, lush abundance, open-heartedness, a welcoming feeling, generosity, wildness, sense of jumping in & diving in, ‘reckless abandon’; full enjoyment; expands your voice & your presence; helps you be unafraid to strip down and be nakedly or unabashedly yourself with others; sense of being awake, aware & free. Helpful for public speaking, singing, or vocal arts.

Dissolves: resentment, sense of lack or ‘I can’t get what I want’; desire to shut others out or feeling like they will take something away from you; tentativeness, stiffness, false pretenses, fear of retribution, or having the other shoe drop; fear that things will not work out; hesitancy or holding back.

It’s likely we all need a little bit of this essence … What do you think? When you have you felt tentative? When in your life have you felt you’ve most wildly enjoyed the moment?

California Glory flower - in all her glory

California Glory flower – in all her glory

Lisa of Wei of Chocolate, surrounded by glorious flowers

Lisa of Wei of Chocolate, surrounded by glorious flowers

California Glory tree flower

California Glory tree flower




Gosh, I’d love to try some of this! Do you think it’s a flower essence Lotus Wei might add to its repertoire?



Hmm … good question. It’s in the lip balm, but haven’t added it as a single elixir yet … ; )


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