November 30, 2020


Intuitive astrologer Kristina Wingeier is back for another episode of the MOONSHINE series on the Flowerlounge Podcast. We dive deep into what to expect this lunar cycle, important dates to throw on your calendar + flower elixirs recommended for getting a jump on *stabilizing* for it all!


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WEEK 1 ::

Eclipse Season will last 40 days. New access to Sagittarius & Gemini: we need to adapt to new information and let go of old ways of thinking. We need to ask new questions and get curious on how to unite the twins (bring seemingly opposing forces together). For most of 2021 this will be the energy. It brings a lot of change, so we’ll need to be flexible. Things that we thought were true for many years may not be true. Mutable signs, while most of this podcast we were on the Cancer/Capricorn access.

Tuesday, December 1: Mercury Enters Sagittarius until Dec 20th.

The night before (Monday, Nov 30th) we had a full moon eclipse. 

Sagittarius is about big picture thinking; Mercury is about details & analytics. 

Today we’ll have some interesting conversations, news and buzzy energy. News cycle will continue to spin tall tales.

Saturday, December 5: Venus/Scorpio Trines Neptune/Pisces

Beauty holds the hand of sorrow.

Feeling deep feelings, being separated from loved ones, conflicts in family systems. This is a healthy aspect; Neptune in Pisces can dissolve and heal heart pain. It can also bring the rose-colored glasses and only look at pretty things. This may be a good time to get into your creativity through heartbreak.

WEEK 2 ::

Wednesday, December 9: Sun/Sagittarius Square Neptune/Pisces

Work through pain and chaos in a creative way. Neptune can make things confusing when the Sun wants clarity and awareness. Things aren’t what they seem right now. This is mutable fire and water - balancing of the two elements within ourselves as what we know -- changes. There is a lot of coming up against disillusionment.

Thursday, December 10: Venus/Scorpio sextile Pluto/Capricorn

Venus over the next week or so will make sextiles to ALL of the planets in Capricorn. Sextiles are a helpful aspect. We have so much break down in Capricorn. These sextiles from Venus are opportunities to find silver linings. And to look forward to what’s being created, while approaching it with the heart/love.

Thursday, December 10: Sun/Sagittarius Trine Mars/Aries

Feels very energizing! Fire energy. It may be A LOT of energy. Finally energy to do what you need to do. Brings healing from deep dark underworld journeys.

Friday, December 11: Sun/Sagittarius conjunct SN/Sagittarius (Opposite NN Gemini)

Loss of truths or ideas that we don’t believe anymore. We’re trying to grow new curiosities, questions, responses and both/and thinking.

Sunday, December 13: Mercury/Sagittarius Square Neptune/Pisces

Very confusing aspect. Mercury is the mind that’s frustrating and Neptune in Pisces is about dissolving boundaries, confusion, creativity. Growth and new choices - great day to get playful, play music, be outside. Walk away from the problem and let yourself  get influenced by beauty (break down a barrier in your own mind). 

WEEK 3 ::

Monday, December 14: 
New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius
Venus/Scorpio sextile Jupiter/Capricorn
Mercury/Sagittarius Trine Mars/Aries - Peak Point

This is a big eclipse. It will be visible in Chile & Argentina. Those areas will be feeling the impact of the phenomenon the most; however, it’s a total solar eclipse.

During eclipse season the moon (feelings, emotions, mystery) covers the conscious sun. It’s a rebooting of our minds in a sense. Close to our galactic center, which is the super black hole of the milky way. Mercury is very close to the sun & moon in this eclipse.

Mercury is our minds, so there’s a way that our thinking, visioning is being covered and revealed. It’s a south node eclipse so we’re letting go of things that are preventing us from going forward. We need new ways of understanding the big picture.

The ruler of the eclipse is Jupiter - very exaggerated. We may feel more focused on what we’re letting go of, but we need to reboot our minds as a collective, in order to have a more hopeful future, so that we can rebuild something of long-lasting vision.

It’s trine Mars/Aries, so there may be some heated energy near the holidays. Jupiter is boundaried by two planets that give challenges. Sagitarrius energy wants to grow, travel, freedom, movement!And Jupiter is boundaries.

This is a low energy time. Get enough movement & rest. It will be easy to overextend. There’s so much exhaustion, like toddlers who are tired but they keep going because they’re so wired and don’t want to miss anything.

Keep hope alive! Make the best out of what we have. Look for where things are working. If people aren’t careful, some nasty conversations could arise.

Tuesday, December 15: 
Venus/Scorpio Sextile Saturn/Capricorn
Venus enters Sagittarius
Chiron Station direct in Aries

What can we create/build? What has deep value? What do you want to take with you?You have 5 minutes to pack! What’s valuable to you?

Desire to play, have fun! Maybe we’re done with that old story, the wound and the places we’ve been wronged and we’re ready to move on. We have a choice on how we think about our pain.

Wednesday, December 16: 
Saturn Enters Aquarius
Moon enters Aquarius
Moon Conjunct Saturn

We had a preview of this energy from March 21st - July.

Saturn (work, growth) is happy in Aquarius; it is it’s day sign. 

From our preview: More comfortable with technology, working from home. New ways of connecting - everyone is on Zoom now. Social justice movements. Connections, technology, innovation, futuristic thinking.

Saturday, December 19: 
Jupiter Enters Aquarius
Venus/Sagittarius Trine Chiron/Aries
Sun/Mercury Conjunction in Sagittarius (Superior Cazimi)

Setting us up for a major conjunction happening between the two. New Saturn cycle for a couple years (from the preview March - June). Jupiter functions well in Aquarius which gives us hope, answers and solutions. Saturn wants to build. Jupiter wants to grow. This area of your chart means you are building a new thing while the old thing is collapsing. Chiron is direct; Venus is spicy. Bring it into the present moment and get a reboot. New ideas coming in that we can’t see from looking at the past. This year was about ‘what do we take from the past to go forward’ and now it’s - let’s look at and move into the future.

Sunday, December 20: Mercury Enters Capricorn

Willingness to stay the course after feeling wild and free. Good time for practical matters like writing, speaking, communicating.

WEEK 4 :: 

MONDAY, December 21: 
Sun Enters Capricorn
Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius

Whole new season - winter in the northern hemisphere; summer in the southern hemisphere. We’re creating new traditions right now. Down to business and working hard, but the big thing is the ‘Great Conjunction’ every 20 years: Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. 

What’s happened in the last 200 years? Industrial Revolution. Earth signs: resources, mining, land acquisition, working from home, building empires and institutions. Now we’ll connect in Air for the next 200 years - they will conjunct every 20 years, activating: technology, communication, collective, visioning, building, new ideas. 

A new Saturn cycle, a new Jupiter cycle, a new 20-year cycle, a new 200-year cycle! 

In the sky, the planets will be so close to each other - very cool! 

Wednesday, December 23: 
Mars/Aries Square Pluto/Capricorn
Mercury/Capricorn Square Chiron/Aries

Mars made a couple of these squares earlier in the year. This is a day of conflict in cardinal signs: I want MY way! It’s a bumpy day. Do something different.

Thursday, December 24: Mercury/Capricorn Trine Uranus/Taurus

I got a new idea! Out of the box thinking. Get away from your figure-it-out mind. Get into nature or the garden and let the bees/birds bring you a message.

Friday, December 25: Sun/Capricorn Square Chiron/Aries

Maybe Santa didn’t bring you what you wanted.

WEEK 5 :: Last week in 2020!

Tuesday, December 29: Full Moon in Cancer

Saturn & Jupiter are no longer in Capricorn. Still not a lot of clarity but new ideas are building. This is an area where you feel tender, protected. When your feelings are hurt, you retreat into your crab shell. Take care of yourself. Nurture. Find simple comforts and connection. T-square to Chiron: acknowledge our inner child selves, but move forward. 

#2020vision: What have you learned from 2020? Seeing clearly.

Wednesday, December 30: Venus/Sagittarius Square Neptune/Pisces

What’s real? What can I heal? 

Moon enters Leo - fixed fire energy. The big thing on the menu for 2021 is the square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus/Taurus (shaking things up in fixed, stubborn, earthy signs). 

How you feel this day … every time the moon is in Leo you might have a shock wave from this. At some point it will be in a T-square. Sorting things out between technology and earth. Wacky science around food.



To get a jump start on stabilizing for the shifts these cosmic shifts will instigate, below are the flowers I recommend for this lunar cycle:

OPEN HEART: Engagement with life; raw vulnerability; revealing the deepest parts of yourself; bringing ideas to fruition; pushing past boundaries; feeling ready to move forward & not be held back; forging a new path and leaving your comfort zone; nurturing ideas; intimacy with yourself & with others; perfect timing; curiosity and wonder; direct channel from your heart

RAIN OF GOLD ORCHID IN OUR FLOWEREVOLUTION PROGRAMRain of Gold inspires boundless generosity, kindness and open-heartedness. It helps us open our hearts to the possibilities and surrender to the surprises of the present moment. It boosts our courage to extend ourselves and form new bonds of love

MAGNIFIES: Open-heartedness, generosity of spirit, trust, simple human connection, letting people into your heart, joyful perspective of death which facilitates enjoyment of life

DISSOLVES: Disappointment, being guarded/protective, holding back, being hardened or untrusting, projection of negativity, closed heart, mistrust, barriers


To enter the giveaway mentioned in the podcast, leave a comment below with your name & sun sign. We will randomly select a winner on December 15th for custom astrology session with Kristina & corresponding flower essences recommended by Katie!




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