June 29, 2020


Intuitive astrologer Kristina Wingeier is back for another episode of the MOONSHINE series on the #FlowerloungePodcast. We dive deep into what to expect this lunar cycle, important dates to throw on your calendar + flower elixirs recommended for getting a jump on *stabilizing* for it all!




Sun in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus
Mercury rx in Cancer square Chiron in Aries
Saturn rx returns to Capricorn through Dec 16
Moon enters Sagittarius

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn shows us that we have unfinished business in Capricorn. It’s an opportunity to review lessons and look at things we wish we could do differently. We’ll be activated in a new way.

This solar combination may lead to some kind of insecurity -- can be emotional or confusing. There may be some insecurities or old stories that you have to deal with again in this conflict square. You may have a strong emotional response, without being clear about what’s happening on the inside. Take care of yourself and rest as much as you can.

Flower essence support: Boundless Wisdom, Cannonball & Pink Torch Ginger.

JULY 4 & 5:
Full Moon 13° Capricorn | Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
Final eclipse on Cancer/Capricorn Axis

9:44pm PT: Final eclipse of the three eclipse season and the final one on the Capricorn/Cancer axis from the last 18 months. It’s a faint phenomenon because the moon is not in the total shadow. With Saturn in Capricorn combined with Full Moon in Capricorn. You may experience heaviness, intensity, power players. Potential emotional confusion or a lot of emotionality because of the aspects.

Hygea is inviting us to stay healthy and keep it clean. Don’t put your own emotional response on other people. Do what you need to do to care for yourself.

Vesta is about commitment. What are you committed to re: family, home nourishment, safety?




Moving out of eclipse season, so in some ways the intensity may ease up.

TUESDAY, July 7: Moon v/c in Aquarius

The moon is void of course all day - no classical aspects to other planets. What this often feels like: ungrounded, can’t get traction, spaced out. Especially in an air sign, lots of blah blah blah. Turn off the news. Lots of opinions and talking.

Mercury rx square Mars in Aries@ 6° (confrontation)
Moon enters Pisces

Emotional moon with a square between the mind/communication vs. action. This could look like a confrontation or argument with someone. Or your feelings and your mind appear at odds with each other. Get used to this energy, because there will be a long drawn square for a lot of the rest of this year. ; )

Mars is feeling pretty spicy and will have some trouble down the line. Notice how you navigate internal and external conflicts. This time could be a preview of something that you’ll come back to all throughout the rest of the year.

FRIDAY, July 10: Venus in Gemini sextile Chiron in Aries

A little nugget of healing. Now we can resolve some of the issues that arose during the Venus retrograde. Look for the four-leaf clovers.

SATURDAY, July 11: Chiron stations retrograde @ 9° Aries through Dec 15

This is an opportunity to go through a few degrees of Aries and review tender spots in this house in your natal chart. What is there to review and reorganize. Will there be a bunch of angry adults acting like children? ; )

SUNDAY, July 12:
Mercury stations direct at 5° Cancer (plot twist!)
Sun in Cancer trine Neptune rx in Pisces @ 20°

Square between the sun and moon - an opportunity to let go of something that you don’t need anymore. Neptune helps us dissolve things.


Episode releasing on July 13th.

Moves through a sign in 2.5 days, which impacts your mood continually.

TUESDAY, July 14:
Sun in Cancer opposes Jupiter rx in Capricorn @ 22° (rises after Sun now)
Mars conjunct Chiron rx at 9° Aries

Annual opposition of the Sun in Cancer and Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn. We just had a lunar eclipse and Saturn/Pluto conjunction. These late degrees of Capricorn are charged. We may start seeing things coming back to life (‘zombie degrees’). Jupiter will be really bright in the sky because it’s receiving so much light from the Sun. Sun is King. Jupiter is King also, as the second largest gravitational pull aside for the Sun. Oppositions cause tension. Struggles with those in power or those with money. Jupiter inflates everything, so little conflicts or struggles may appear to be insurmountable.

Mars in Aries = dynamite. Chiron is moody, wounded, angry.

July 14th might be an interesting day to watch the news. Or watch yourself and how you respond to things.

WEDNESDAY, July 15: Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn @ 23°

Pluto is about transformation, wealth and loss. World events will be interesting this week. Stay grounded. We don’t have to get out of control. Confront your fears and keep a low profile. We’ll be seeing things and feeling things. July 16/17 Moon conjunct Venus @ 13° Gemini (MoonGate) Venus goes direct and conjunct with the Moon: a connection between two feminine forces. Some say this clears out blocks in your crown chakra. And it’s happening in Gemini where the whole cycle started.


Episode releasing on July 20th.

MONDAY, July 20:
New Moon @ 28° Cancer
Sun in Cancer opposes Saturn rx in Capricorn @ 28° (rises after Sun now)

Ending degrees of Cancer - second New Moon in Cancer. Now is an opportunity to have another New Moon in Cancer without an eclipse getting in the way; eclipses are so unpredictable so we don’t want to set too many intentions around an eclipse.

Now is the time to be curious. (Kristina’s code word for things getting tough). ; ) Very strong Saturn opposition: the sobriety of our responsibility, “What have you been doing?’ It’s the adulting planet - Saturn wants you to grow up. See the hard truths. Envelope the world into our intentions. We still have work to do. Cancer at 28 degrees is more mature, which has a strong signature of maturity in this situation.

The Aries situation will have lots of people angry and wanting to argue with reality. You have to pick your battles this year. Take responsibility for yourself. What does it mean to be safe? What does it mean to take care for the global family? Make the best of it; it’s just what’s on the menu for this year.

TUESDAY, July 21: Mercury in Cancer square Chiron rx in Aries @ 9°

Your inner child will be challenged. The tension is real; it’s not just in your mind. Squares are an opportunity to do things differently. Reassess, reevaluate. We have clarity. Will you speak with intelligence or emotionality?

Sun enters Leo through August 22
Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus @ 10°

Leo house is getting lit up! Look at the Leo house in your own natal chart. It can be fun, dramatic, playful. And also: how do we play if we don’t get to do everything we want?

The sextile can either lead to nervous energy or to insights. You might be getting some ah-ha’s about things that perplexed you when mercury was retrograde. Drink some water to nurture your electrical system.

SATURDAY, July 25: Mars enters rx shadow @ 15° Aries

Today offers you previews of what the Mars Retrograde will be like for you.

SUNDAY, July 26: Mercury exits retrograde shadow @ 14° Cancer

Mercury totally done with the retrograde until late fall.


Episode releasing on July 27th.

MONDAY, July 27:
Jupiter rx in Capricorn sextile Neptune rx in Pisces @ 20° (#2 of 3 this year)
#1 was on Feb 20, 2020 (stock market peak), #3 is on October 12
Venus in Gemini square Neptune rx in Pisces @ 20°
Mercury in Cancer square Mars in Aries @ 16° (#2 this month, resolution or reactivation of problem)

We’re often tested on the commitments we made on the New Moon. It’s time to take action, meet your conflicts and take charge.

There’s a review going on, and it may be around finding faith in your choices. Not hope, but faith and trust.

Federal payouts stop in the U.S. which may impact lots of people. Prepare by managing your money and assets. Be generous where you can, if you have extra resources. Venus also squares Neptune, so it doubles down on money issues.

Second square - it can be either a resolution or a reactivation of what happened on or around July 8th.

WEDNESDAY, July 29: Venus exits rx shadow @ 21° Gemini

Venus retrogrades are tough, especially this year: lots of heart stress and heart opening this year. Now we’re moving into some fresh territory (Venus has been in Gemini since April 3rd).

THURSDAY, July 30:
Mercury in Cancer opposes Jupiter rx in Capricorn 20°
Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune rx in Pisces 20°

Mercury steps in to play - opposing Jupiter and trining Neptune. We’re getting some love, generosity, and altruism from Neptune in Pisces to be able to face the opposition and what’s happening in money, moods, relationships, etc.

FRIDAY, July 31: Sun in Leo trine Chiron rx in @ Aries 9°

How can your inner creative magical child put their arms around your inner angry child? It can also feel like too much.


To get a jump start on stabilizing for the shifts these cosmic shifts will instigate, below are the flowers I recommend for this lunar cycle:

FIERCE COMPASSIONFierce Compassion wakes up unconditional love within us. One of the best flowers for healing the heart, Rose cools the temper and triggers forgiveness, healing emotional wounds and scars. It softens our hard edges, enhances compassion and empathy, and helps us appreciate things just as they are.

SACRED DATURA IN OUR FLOWEREVOLUTION PROGRAM: Sacred Datura is a desert moonflower that falls into the ‘poison cures poison’ category. Though toxic to the body in plant form, as a flower essence it actually helps us release toxins - mental, emotional, physical. It helps us cleanse energetic debris through the breath and boosts our lifeforce. We’re better able to sit with sadness, frustration, fear or overwhelm, until we reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Like bathing in moonlight, we transmute our ‘dark night of the soul’ into strength and wisdom.




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