February 26, 2020


Intuitive astrologer Kristina Wingeier is back for another episode of the MOONSHINE series on the #FlowerloungePodcast. We dive deep into what to expect this lunar cycle, important dates to throw on your calendar + flower elixirs recommended for getting a jump on *stabilizing* for it all!



  • Pisces/Aries - last season, new season: something is awakening in a seasonal kind of way?
  • Glimpse of the future with Saturn
  • Mercury goes direct so we’ll get clearer and make more sense
  • Venus in Taurus March 4 - April 3 :: treat yourself every day to something delicious - it could be a bite of chocolate, extra long meditation, walk with someone, admiring a flower, taking a lovely bath; embody simple sensorial pleasures

Makes a square between Venus (money love values self worth) in Aries and Saturn (agreements, boundaries) Capricorn.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 4: Mercury retro in Aquarius & Venus into Taurus

Mercury in retrograde still but now retrograde in Aquarius - brings a new perspective and element. Instead of being in water (emo flood), we get clarity, perspective, distance, and the ability to see a new solution. You might feel this shift. 

Venus switches out of Aries and moves into Taurus, which is her home turf: beauty, pleasure, keep it simple sweetheart, patience, slowing down, embodying, feeling into. Taurus is an earth sign. Venus is about money - you may want to buy something nice for yourself or treat yourself to little things and bring some simple luxury into your life. Pleasure & joy! 

This week we’re building for the full moon, so at the end of the week there is a pressure building.

SUNDAY, MARCH 8: Annual conjunction to the Sun in Pisces (Daylight savings time)

Dreamy, visionary or low vitality. Can either amplify or over stimulate you. If you’re feeling low energy, then rest and allow yourself to dream and vision from a horizontal position or outside while lounging. 

Also, same day: Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus 
Something strange coming out of left field : love or money surprises?


Pisces conjunct Neptune (dreamy, spacey) and Moon in Virgo (let’s get things done, plan, system)

Push-pull between fluid, dream flow and systems and knowing where we’re going

Let go of being perfect! Great to just let things be as is without getting attached to a certain way or process. A lot of what you’ve been reconstructing in your chart in the Capricorn area … do you need more organization or more flexibility/flow?

Mercury goes Direct and it’s the ruler of Virgo which means a standstill. You may not get the satisfaction that you want by staying busy, b/c it will feel a bit like things aren’t moving forward. Rx: let go of trying. 

Mercury will pick up speed and recover all that territory it went through - insights and putting things into place that you’ve been considering. 

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11: Sun in Pisces & Jupiter in Capricorn

May be feelings that you’re finally seeing the benefit of your projects. The hard work you’ve been doing is coming into form.

FRIDAY, MARCH 13: Chiron Square the Nodes - North & South

Could bring up some insecurities - you, the bigger picture of your organization.

Oh, am I doing the right things? Did I make a mistake?” Inner doubt, inner troll.

SATURDAY, MARCH 14: Mars in Capricorn makes a connection to Neptune in Pisces

Practical steps toward more creative acts of kindness. Mars makes you want to do things; Pisces is soft and compassionate. What can you do to be more compassionate toward yourself while finding meaning in what you’re doing? Mars brings energy and stamina.

MONDAY, MARCH 16: Mercury returns to Pisces

Hopefully you clarified things during the retrograde; now you can work through things from then. It won’t be as confusing.

THURSDAY, MARCH 19: Equinox - Sun moves into Aries

Cardinal signs take action! (Libra, Cancer, Aries, Capricorn) 

We’re tuning into equanimity with ourselves or supporting ourselves. Great time for a spring/fall cleanse depending on the hemisphere you live in. Aries is the beginning of the zodiac: adventure, new beginnings, adventure. 30 days of the sun moving through and initiating some change and something new! New season and it’s very activating.

FRIDAY, MARCH 20: Mars (power player) Jupiter (generous) conjunction in Capricorn

It may just feel as though: TRIUMPH! Yeah, I did it! Or so much hard work to go! Celebrate your successes, look at the change you’ve made.

SATURDAY, MARCH 21: Saturn moving into Aquarius for a few years at 2021 end - this is preview

Saturn spends 3 years in a sign; has a lot to do with rules, discipline, boundaries). SAturn will show us where we need new rules and new agreements. What we’ll get is a few months, until the end of June, where Saturn is giving us a preview of the next Saturn cycle: what will be on the agenda for you 2021-2024. It’s about the discipline to do the work of change, in our own lives and as a collective. Making new rules. What have we learned? What are we keeping, remodeling, getting rid of?


New conversation - Mercury sextile Uranus 

Venus sextile with Neptune - ‘love puddle’, softening

Mars conjunct Pluto - passionate empowerment 

Also the ending of the lunar cycle along with the freshness energy coming in. These aspects have the potential to have you feel a lot of different ways.

NEW MOON IN ARIES ON TUESDAY, MARCH 24: “I have confidence!”

You need that confidence, because it’s conjunct Chiron, so you might feel insecure. So take it in stride. Moon & Sun both in Aries. Black Moon Lillith there as well, which means that we may feel power, passion and shadow. We might be feeling passion, but also conflict or shame around the passion. Liliith has a lot to do with feminine sexuality. Powerful pileup for mixed feelings. “Worts and all” - don't believe your shame stories.

Nodes are shifting in May, so we’re finishing up & cleaning up.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25: Sun is conjunct Chiron

Overcoming personal limitations - try not to overreact. Try not to take things too personally.

FRIDAY, MARCH 27: Venus in Taurus making a delicious trine to Jupiter in Capricorn

The two benefics meet up to be the most helpful, generous combination for your happiness, joy, feeling pleasure, lucky break. Look for where things are working and amplify that. The hard work you’ve been doing is really coming together with this trine.

SATURDAY, MARCH 28: Pluto in Cap makes trine with Venus in Taurus

Passionate energy.

MONDAY, MARCH 30: Mars enters Aquarius

This offers a lot of freedom. Mars is about desires and taking action, do, move. Aquarius loves freedom, autonomy. You might feel courage to break limiting rules.

TUESDAY, MARCH 31: Mars makes a conjunction with Saturn

You might be feeling some obstacles: don’t push the wall. Make a key and go through the door. Figure out a new way. This stalemate is asking you to have the discipline to walk away then come back and try something new.


To get a jump start on stabilizing for the shifts these cosmic shifts will instigate, below are the flowers I recommend for this lunar cycle:

Infinite Love Collection: Infinite Love is our LOVE potion. Infused with flowers to induce love and kindness towards ourselves and others, and helps us feel like love is all around. It enhances your ability to deeply appreciate your uniqueness and be seen as you truly are. It magnifies a sense of completeness, wholeness and purity, and encourages taking time for breaks and self-care.

Bonsai Plum Elixir in the Flowerevolution Program: Bonsai Plum Blossom enhances our ability to take risks. It inspires within us a gentle, motherly love that allows us to make mistakes, to fail and to be imperfect on the first try. It dissolves the desire for perfectionism, and eases tensions around fear of failure, judgement and criticism. Instead, we can explore with curiosity, and feel more free in our bodies. We can take continual risks outside of our comfort zone, because comfort resides within us.


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