June 01, 2019

I am always blown away by the ripple effect of flower essences. If just one person in a family is committed to accelerating their personal growth + liberating their full potential, it creates positive change within everyone they come into contact with - starting with their family.

This following is the story of Sonia + 5 members of her family :

"While taking LOTUSWEI flower essences, I have experienced many small + huge shifts ~ and it only took about 3 days for the first one to occur! It was so profound that everyone close to me felt it + experienced major benefits from it.

Flower elixirs have been the missing piece to my family puzzle. We’ve been trying to set boundaries, work through childhood traumas and shift things in many areas of our lives for a long time - thanks to the elixirs, major transformations are occurring. 

Here are a few stories:

This is Braylin, my 13 year old great nephew. He has suffered much trauma and has literally walked at almost a 45 degree angle to the floor from low self esteem + self-worth for most of his life. He never looked anyone in the eye + was extremely reactive if given any instruction or correction. 

I started him on Inner Peace. In just days, there was no more lashing out, he was calmer, told me that his bad thoughts had stopped + he was sleeping well. I even saw improvements in his posture! Can you see it?

Next up, my son Austin.(not pictured)

When he first started taking flower essences, he experienced a healing crisis. He started having bad dreams (about stuffed emotions + pains) and became very sad. He also faced one of his greatest fears of losing his 5 year old daughter Harmony when she choked! He lost his daughter a few years ago, so this experience was really traumatizing.

Because of the healing crisis, he refused to take the elixirs anymore because he feared they were only making things worse. He said he “didn’t want to feel” and was fighting the intense emotions that came to he surface, rather than sitting with them. 

But I kept Inner Peace where he would see it in our home … and I’ve noticed he’s become much more peaceful, compassionate + mature. 

This is Harmony, Austin’s daughter + my granddaughter. She used to bully Colt, my 7 year old son. They’ve both been taking flower elixirs, and the way these kids interact now is just precious. 

Rather than just walking away in anger, which lead to her reacting even more, he opened his little heart up and said with his little lip quivering, “Harmony, do you know why I walk away? Because I want peacefulness + I love you! I don’t like to fight.” Harmony melted and wrapped her arms around colt. As they embraced, he held her with one hand and with the biggest smile, he gave me a huge thumbs up! {Thank you, flower elixirs!}

This is Harmony + Colt on the second day of their newfound peace with one another. 

Harmony often asks me, “Butterfly (that’s my grandma name), can you give me some flower juice?” She’s very drawn to Infinite Love. Colt also loves it + wants his own bottle.

And this is me!

One of my favorite experiences happened only a couple days after using Infinite Love. I had been very agitated due to an infection in my ear, and had been very short with my son.

He had come up to me, and I felt myself about to fuss at him (which I rarely do) … by something came over me. I reached out, rubbed his little face + just smiled while he talked, rather than cutting him off because he wasn’t doing what he was supposed to be. He told me what was on his mind, loved on me and a few minutes later while driving in the car, we began singing together! 

I instantly knew I was only experiencing his alignment + joy because I didn’t rob him of it earlier by fussing like I had been because I was in pain. 

This is my ex-husband.

When taking the elixirs, he thought he wasn't experiencing much. But looking back, he's noticed that he hasn't reacted to a particular family situation that normally would have set him off in the past. And you can definitely see changes in his physical appearance!

I’ve been trying to save the world all of my life! Now, with these elixirs and a little support, it’s become clear that people can really save themselves. These elixirs, Katie’s gentle confidence, and her example of being + doing what she loves has opened my eyes and reassured me that it’s ok to do what I love and to take care of me. 

I have finally had the breakthrough that I’ve needed in so many areas of my life. When we experience emotional healing, everything falls perfectly into place - exactly where it needs to be."

Have before + after photos or a story you'd like to share with us?

They don't have to be formal before + after photos. I am sure we all have secret selfie photos in our phones that we don't share with anyone. Scroll back through your phone to find some photos of yourself before you were taking flower essences, and compare it to a photo of yourself today.

Typically you'll notice that your tension drops, expressionssoften, eyes light up, posture becomes more open, and there's more clarity, confidence + strength in the way you hold yourself.

If you're surprised by what you see + want to share a story, email us or send a DM on Instagram or Facebook

Love + flower petals,


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