January 01, 2015


2 floral type zero floral type 1 floral type5 floral type {Blossom Type by Alice Mourou, Dmitriy Petrov, Olesya Korsak and Nikita Schukin.} HAPPY NEW YEAR! What important lessons did you learn last year? Here are a handful of lessons (personal & business) from 2014 whose wisdom I'm carrying into 2015: - It's just not really possible to help anybody else but yourself - people have to help themselves. Including best friends & lovers from 15 years ago or anyone you have an intensely close relationship with. You can't help others get enlightened. They have to want it for themselves and work for it. The best thing to do is to simply improve oneself. - Flowerevolution rocks. There are actually quite a few people wanting serious transformation, and willing to face the crap that at times comes-up-to-come-out during the process. There are almost 200 in our first-ever Flowerevolution program (that's evolution or revolution or both - it's up to you) and they are incredible! These courageous Flowerevolutionaries are sharing resources, starting new businesses, moving to other states, ending relationships powerfully, starting relationships wholly, creating new paintings, looking at challenges, practicing meditation, experiencing tough emotions and being open to freedom & joy. - Dreams can come true pretty effortlessly. Like a collaboration project with Louie Schwartzberg: a book, supported by Hay House, one of the largest publishers of wisdom, empowerment & healing books. I'm currently on my way into an isolated writing cave ... writing about the secret healing power of flowers. - As the business gets bigger, it requires a lot more saying 'no'. We used to say yes to everything.  Now we simply cannot. This year we're choosing only the most essential, creative, collaborative projects that will most increase our positive impact in the world and be best for everyone long-term. - I'm bored of being busy. I have a lot to do. Everyone does. But being busy has gotten boring. I don't want to be busy anymore. I only want to focus on the essential, most powerful & impactful actions. What about you? What are your top insights of last year that you're carrying forward? Love & flower petals, Katie

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O. Lamp
O. Lamp

January 20, 2015

Hi! I am carrying forward insights from last year in hopes to make this one amazing – and I am determined!! Who said looking at the past was so wrong?
1) watchful of reactions, focused on intentions . the more I try to prove myself, the wider the quicksand becomes. 2) let it go – if I were Elsa, I would have changed the lyrics a bit.. like “my soul is spiraling in groovy fractals all around” or at least kind ones. 3) believe in yourself, the universe is listening. when I start thinking the world is against me, I remember this one is a micro to the macrocosm of beautagious creation (beauty + contagious). 4) politely dismiss yourself when others try convincing you of being inauthentic because your beliefs. I was tested tremendously the past couple years and while it was painful, and I never saw the score, I know my heart has wings in any given situation. 5) Earth Angels exist, and from the shadows, I joyfully believe in them and their mission. 6) “Talentless” simply does not exist.
I am happy and ready for 2015! Thank You for being an Earth Angel(s).


March 16, 2015

Thanks for sharing, Meagan! <3

Natalia Johnsen
Natalia Johnsen

January 02, 2015

My insight: dont try to expain another person that he is acting wrong and need to change. Unless its his own realization, most likely his change will be short-lived or create a major issue in the relationship. Stay calm and just simple observe the person while observing you observing this person ( my favorite game with myself: observe my thoughts when i observe others).
Number two: nothing worth freaking out over or get nervous, if it meant to be, iti will be. If not….it wont.

Love and light!


January 03, 2015

Natalia, I love this. The first one I think I learned this year too for the first time. Having more patience watching other people fall into what I would perceive as mistakes. As long as they’re not life-threatening, then of course I would speak up. I love the staying calm & observing part … That has really kicked in – in a huge way – since the Flowerevolution! Happy to hear it has for you too. And the second one is great too. Love your insights! Thanks for sharing & making my day! xo

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