November 21, 2018

It's possible we're a little biased, but everyone here at LOTUSWEI thinks our goodies make the best gifts ~ no matter the person or the occasion!

Read on for some of our favorite ways to share the power of flowers with our loved ones ...

Bath Salts + Mist Kits!

We have our BOOM and EMBODY kits available in both our 30ml mists AND soaking meditation bath salts ~ pair a mist and a bath salt, tie with a bow + voila! the perfect gift.

Each bath salt comes with a link to its own bathing meditation ritual, a great way to get a little self-care time in during the busy holiday season. And the mists are perfect for travel.

flower essence essential oil bath salts

BOOM Mists + Bath Salts :: $180 

Confidence. Flashes of insight. Ask for what you want. Clear mind. Focus. Get it done. Wild creativity. Make it happen. Take a big leap.

Shop here.
EMBODY Mists + Bath Salts :: $180

Feel uninhibited + lighter. Soften. Sink into self-love + compassion. Giggle. Revitalize. Embrace full self-acceptance. Nourish your heart.

Shop here.

Need help deciding which collection to get? Take the quiz on the blog here.

Infinite Love Anointing Oil + Bath Salt :: $12 - $30 

Everyone’s favorite scent. Plus, these two modalities are a great way to introduce friends + family to the magic of flower essences ~ you can share how the flower essences work, or just explain that they’re a natural perfume and bath salt that enhance love, magnetism + self-care!

Shop here.

flowerevolution flower essence oracle card deck

Flowerevolution Card Deck :: $36.95 

Like an oracle deck, this beautiful set of cards is a great conversation starter during the holidays. Even folks who don’t know anything about flower elixirs can get insights!

Have everyone choose the three flowers they’re most attracted to for a magical, “omg, how is this possible?” reaction and authentic connections.

Shop here.

Wake-Up Set :: $99

Includes the Flowerevolution Book (signed by Katie!), a Flowerevolution Flower Card Deck and the Night-Blooming Cereus flower elixir. Take a big leap towards uncovering your full potential + discover how the flowers you’re most attracted are a mirror of what’s happening in your heart, mind + life.

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gamechanger flower essence natural perfume anointing oil

Gamechanger :: $12 - $120 

Hands down our most popular new line we released this year. The scent is appealing to men + women alike, and who couldn’t use more simplicity + lighthearted action in their life?

Available in elixir, mist, anointing oil, serum + bath salt, or get the True Change Set and receive access to Katie’s Gamechanger audio teaching for more insights on the power of this blend!

Shop here.

*Seedspark* :: $65 

We get emails nearly every day about the transformative power of this collection ~ a catalyst for blooming into your full potential with the magic of flowers.

Boundless Wisdom melts any resistance to becoming all of who you are and Wild Abundance opens you to the exquisite possibilities that surround you.

Shop here.


Want more inspiration? Click here to discover the team's current product obsessions ; )

Happy holidays + flower petals!


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