December 02, 2015


mahabis slippers Every year, I like to look back on 2015 and reflect on brands + products that I have discovered throughout the year and create a gift guide to highlight all my favorites to share with you! Mahabis Slippers :: beautiful, simple + functional unisex slippers. The slippers are lined in wool, super breathable and so comfy! And the best part is they are 'made for adventure' - they come with detachable outer soles that you can slip on wear outdoors! So put your feet up + relax in style. Want to add some flower-power to your relaxation? Mist your space with Inner Peace Aura Mist for enhanced comfort, a sense of support + deep peace. bkr water bottle bkr Water Bottle :: a must-have, every-day beauty accessory that holds the key to flawless beauty - WATER! BPA-free + phthalate-free, these adorable water bottles make you WANT to drink your essential 8 glasses of H20 a day! Infuse your water with flower elixirs for a little boost of natural energy. Big Magic by elizabeth gilbert Big Magic :: Written by Elizabeth Gilbert - best-selling author of Eat Pray Love - this book about creative living will leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to run with the next creative idea that knocks proudly on your door. This is the perfect gift for yourself if you are feeling any sort of creative block or fear, or for a loved one that needs a little spark of inspiration. Pair with Inspired Action Aura Mist. luna zorro towels Luna*Zorro Towels :: These towels are made in Antigua, Guatemala from 100% handwoven cotton. Molly, founder + designer, named Luna*Zorra after her two kids, Hazel Moon + Joaquin Fox - in a perfect Spanish-to-English translation of Moon*Fox. Love it! Molly works with female indigenous cooperatives + independent artists who weave these one-of-a-kind textiles by hand! crazy sexy juice kris carr Crazy Sexy Juice :: Kris Carr - best-selling author of the Crazy Sexy book series - just published this extensive, all-you-need-to-know guide to juicing + blending. If you're looking to regain gorgeous skin + a youthful glow or just want to say goodbye to feeling meh and hello to feeling fabulous, grab this book for you or a loved one seeking health + happiness! wei of chocolate chai chocolate Wei of Chocolate Boxes :: If you haven't tried this organic chocolate made by our sister company, what better time than the holidays? 'Chocolate that's good for your body, mind + spirit' -  infused with flower essences, fair trade, vegan, GMO-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free + guilt-free. Treat yourself and try all 9 delicious flavors with the All the Wei Assortment Box! natural makeup Modern Minerals Makeup :: One of our favorite projects we worked on this year was the flower essence infused makeup line with Modern Minerals Beauty + Beauty by Britanie. Read more about the story + collaboration here! teaspressa tea Teaspressa :: Want the boldness of coffee, but the benefits of tea? You have to try the tea blends from Teaspressa! They have a super fun quiz to help you choose which tea blend fits your personaliTEA! And! Their blends are authentically sourced from tea farms around the world. I had a cup (or several cups) of Teaspressa almost every day when I was writing my book at their local coffee shop! innersense hair Innersense Organic Beauty Hair Products :: Dreaming of new products to gift your locks this holiday season? Our dear friends over at Innersense Organic Beauty have got you covered. Plus how cool are these names: Pure Inspiration, Color Radiance, Quiet Calm, Inner Peace! Our Beauty Revealer, Taylor, uses the Inner Peace Texturizer and says, "This hair cream is my go-to on days that I have to shower and be out the door. It can be used on dry or wet hair, and gives that 'effortless beach wave' look." danielle laporte planner Danielle LaPorte Planner :: Danielle LaPorte is the author of The Desire Map + master-mind of the #truthbomb app you may have seen flood social media lately. I pre-ordered one of her 2016 Desire Map Planners. The planning system not only focuses on your day to day, but how you want to feel + the designs are goooorgeous. flower phone case With Lavender + Lace iPhone Case :: These cases are hand decorated + thoughtfully arranged - not one is ever the same! You can choose from their selection OR have one custom made with your favorite flowers + foliage! How cool! arden and james tote Arden + James Tote :: These bags are hand-made by the hands of Bri Brant with beautiful + authentic materials - linen, waxed canvas, leather, copper, plant pigment + beeswax! I love making these gift guides each year, because I love supporting makers, creatives, writers and entrepreneurs, but if you'd rather MAKE something than buy something, here's an idea for making a treat: Rose Chocolate Truffles (3 ingredients). And most of all, enjoy your family + friends. Life is short. Give them the gift of your full presence, awareness, listening + love. And for those large family gatherings ... even if you don't like them, love them. Love + flower petals, Katie

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December 10, 2015

Thanks for checking it out, Molly & leaving us a lovely comment! We love your work & know how much of yourself you put into it. ?

Molly Berry

December 10, 2015

Thank you so much for sharing all of these beautiful products with us; I love the whole list! It means to the world to me that I can work with the cooperatives that I do and then have our designs recognized and appreciated by so many. Your encouragement means more more than I can say! I hope you are enjoying your towels!! With love, Molly xx


December 10, 2015

Hi Celia!
Thanks for the love! I thought of a good local gift for foodies … A gift certificate from The Crepe Bar! Their food and service is incredible! <3


December 08, 2015

Thank you for doing these gift guides Katie, I liked the one you did last year and the products you choose are always great and some local ( Phoenix,AZ) so I can pick them up at a store.

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