Your External Reflects Your Internal

December 01, 2015

Have you ever spontaneously started deep cleaning your space like a crazy person?

The past week, I haven’t been able to stop! And the deep clean hasn’t been my intention. I’ll walk to an area for no particular reason, start organizing and then scrubbing, which then leads to another area to tackle.

This brings me so much joy - not so much that I’m getting organized, but that this spontaneous occurrence is reflecting my internal state. Your external environment always reflects your internal environment. For the longest time, I've been disorganized, unfocused, unclear, and in + out of depression. I’ve been trying to work through it, but the biggest catalyst has been this month’s elixir, California Glory.

When I sat with this flower essence and tested pulses, it showed me a Fire/Earth relationship. Fire is the Mother of Earth. I believe it affects those who had to be a child mother- their childhood was lost taking care of others. This elixir strengths your mothering element Fire - which brings back joy, creativity, a freeing carelessness - and lets your Earth get the nurturing it. This doesn’t necessarily mean you took care of your mother and she wasn’t there for you. Maybe you were the “mother” figure for friends or some family members, and you might have kept this pattern later in life with colleagues, partners, friends or others.

My birth year is in the year of the Earth element in Chinese Zodiac, and I’ve always had the tendency to care for others - especially when it came to health. (Much unwanted advice has been given by me for years ;p.) I’m constantly thinking, trying to figure things out, which can throw Earth out of balance. For me, I rely on my Earth element so much that it depletes my Fire element. This shows up for me as insomnia, circulation problems, lack of joy, problems with heat  (I always feel cold but when the weather gets hot, I have joint pain), occasional worry and emotional stress, racing and unclear thoughts, trouble eating and blocked creativity. 

Since I’ve been working with California Gloy, I’ve been extremely conscious of my thoughts. I’ve been reworking my relationship with joy. I’ve never believed I would be happy, so naturally, I’ve created an amazing life which I don’t feel much joy from. Anytime I feel joy, I react by looking for reasons why it will go away. This is shifting. Appropriately, I’ve been using theJoy Juice mist as a support to break this old habit.

The natural progression to deep cleaning my house is proof that my internal environment is changing, thankfully. I’ve been letting go of things that no longer serve me and scrubbing out old stains, crumbs, and dust. Then I organize the space to make it both prettyand functional.

When you notice you have the desire to change your external environment, this means something inside you is shifting. You can support the internal shift by being mindful while you’re externally changing things.

Whenever you’re letting go of things that aren’t serving you, the intention is the same: something is happening internally.

When you’re scrubbing and dusting, have the intention that you’re cleaning up old wounds, old habits, or old thoughts. 

When you’re reorganizing, imagine you’re making space for something wonderful to be created or organizing your internal world so the best expression of yourself can be unleashed.

I once had a patient who completely changed her life by doing this exercise! She wanted to move to Portland, so I had her imagine she was scrubbing any blocks away and washing them down the drain. Within a few months, she got an offer to move to Seattle with a 40k raise! It wasn’t Portland but when she visited, she realized it was better than what she wanted and found the perfect house for her family. 

What about you? Have you noticed you change your external environment when you’ve worked though something internally?

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