August 09, 2017

The sun is a masculine energy + burns with great passion. Those born under the sun embody the characteristics of fire + light, meaning that they are courageous, loyal, noble + generous. To others, they are a beacon. The sun represents the self ~ expressing the true core of a person.

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Cancer is ruled by the soft, powerful + feminine Moon. She is the sign of fertility, imagination + femininity. Since she shines in the night, the Moon is often connected to dreams, unconscious behavior, nostalgia, mood changes + sometimes, laziness. The Moon represents our emotions + feelings. It influences time, rhythm + the ability to remain versatile as humans.

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Both Gemini + Virgo are ruled by the dominant planet, Mercury. He stands for reason, common sense + all that is rational. Everything that involves order, evaluation + processing/learning new skills is right under the belt of Mercury. This is the planet of everyday expression + communication.

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Venus is the ruler of Taurus + Libra. This planet is associated with love + beauty. She is a very soft planet ~ one that brings peaceful harmony + pleasure. Venus brings up what we are sentimental about in life ~ what we value + take pleasure in. Those under Venus take pleasure in the things that are aesthetically pleasing in life + tend to steer themselves + others away from ugliness.

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Aries is ruled by the fiery + fierce Mars. This masculine planet symbolizes courageousness + the ability to be bold. Mars represents all of the energy, motivation, courage + drive a person has. People born under Mars often have a spontaneous impulses + thrive on the idea of freedom. It is the planet of energy + desire, making it very hard for them remain calm + in control of their emotions.

planet jupiter LOTUSWEI flower essences

Sagittarius is ruled by the massive + extroverted Jupiter. Those born under Jupiter are constantly seeking insight through experience + knowledge. This planet emphasizes gratitude + hope.  Faith + the philosophy of life are super valuable to those born under this planet.

planet saturn LOTUSWEI flower essences

Capricorn is under the ruling of Saturn. Those born under this planet are extraordinarily passionate, but hate showing others their weaknesses. This fear can often come off as stingy or short. However, it’s just a way of defending their inner vulnerability. Saturn is often associated with restriction + concentration. It shows us where we meet our limitations + how we choose to follow specific laws + rules.

planet uranus LOTUSWEI flower essences

Aquarius is ruled by the eccentric, independent + idealistic planet, Uranus. This planet represents intuition. It has the ability to transmit openness + availability to insights. Uranus has an immediate level of acceptance to everything that is new + undiscovered.

planet neptune LOTUSWEI flower essences

Pisces is ruled by the magical, imaginative, dreamy + mystical, Neptune. Those under Neptune show a great amount of selflessness + generosity. They are quite sensitive + are able to intuitively tap into others. Due to their dreamy personality, reality is often difficult for them to grasp.

planet pluto LOTUSWEI flower essences

Scorpio is under the power of the instinctive + mysterious, Pluto. This planet represents instinctive, powerful + mysterious energies. With Pluto comes a lot of curiosity + interest in hidden sciences. In some cases, violent or aggressive tendencies can arise.

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