February 20, 2017

{February 19 - March 20}

Pisces, the water loving fish, are extremely passionate, imaginative + devoted.

They have the ability to see deep into nature + life due to their depth of knowledge. It’s quite easy for a Pisces tolet go of material attachments as they tend to attune more to the spiritual + mystical world. This, however, can sometimes be a mechanism to avoid the suffering + negativity of the real world. Due to their high sensitivity, it’s a common desire to avoid harsh realities.

Pisces are highly artistic + connected to music.

Anything art related is a perfect gift for these water lovers, but here are a few other ideas to help you pick the best items!

captivator love bath LOTUSWEI flower essences

Bath Salts

The water babies will go crazy for soothing bathtime treats! Pisceslovebeing in the water. So, why not give them something that will help them feel in their element {pun intended!}. While preparing a bath, they can either use two cups of Epsom salts + their favorite essential oils or, if you feel like giving them a luxurious, flower-infused experience, the CAPtivator Love Bath!

Either way, the Pisces in your life will adore anything that encourages them to be in water!

big magic book and flowers LOTUSWEI flower essences

Big Magic

In this book, Elizabeth Gilbert explores the nature of inspiration. She teaches you how to  tackle what you love + get rid of what holds you down. This type of book helps a Pisces channel their dream world into reality. With the ability to see deep into life, their creations can beamazing once they find the right creative process!

inspired action flower elixir LOTUSWEI flower essences

Inspired Action Elixir

This flower elixir is the perfect product to help Pisces push through their fear of reality. Inspired Action will motivate them to be + create whatever they want in every aspect of their lives. The elixir is the best option as it has the greatest effect internally. Since Pisces are so connected to themselves + the universe already, a transition that starts from deep within is going to be the most beneficial.

amethyst gem LOTUSWEI flower essences

Amethyst + Indigo Gabbro

Pisces tend to run away from reality, focusing their energy + time elsewhere. Amethyst helps focus energy + reduce escapist tendencies. Indigo Gabbro hones in on intuition + helps accept the nature of duality.

Trusting instinct + nature is crucial to a Pisces. These crystals will help them utilize those pieces to work in harmony!  

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