March 27, 2017

The best ritual for the New Moon is making moon wishes!

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Before you start thinking about your wishes + desires, begin by creating a safe + peaceful environment for yourself. Try to have a special place that’s set up underneath the moon.

Even though there won’t be moonlight, you’ll still be able to feel the magic of the moon right above you.

You can establish a place in your garden, backyard, nightstand by a window ~ anywhere!

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Turn off your phone + put on your best New Moon music {whatever inspires you to dream!}. Within your set space, collect a piece of each element. A candle for fire, glass of water for, well, water, a feather for air + a crystal or stone for earth. Light your candle, incense or palo santo. Sit in a comfortable position + begin to think about what you feel grateful for in life. Your family, environment, the amazing cup of coffee you had in the morning ~ anything!

Radiate positivity through your body + project it to the world around you.

To allow the moon magic into your life, start by setting your intentions.

What do youreallywant? What are your wishes? Your dreams?

Allow yourself to really contemplate these questions. Think about what you desire, imagine what is achievable. Think about simple wishes that will benefit your day-to-day life. Write them down. Putting them on paper is you making a tangible deal with the universe.

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Look at your wishes. Manifestyour wishes. Close your eyes + imagine them becoming reality.

Read them out loud, projecting your words to the moon + the stars. Continue projecting + working on your wishes throughout the waxing phases of the moon. Once we reach the full moon, take the time to evaluate + reflect on everything that happened during those two weeks ~ the good + bad.

If your wishes haven't yet come true, they may still be percolating or that may not be the right path for you! The universe has something better in mind, bringing your wishes to life in ways you didn't even realize were possible. Use the waning period to tie loose ends + get rid of any unnecessary negativity.

Begin to think about what your next wishes will be to help you for your next New Moon!



Star wishes + flower petals, 

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