April 14, 2017

A lot of us live or work in an area that severely lacks Mother Nature… or so we think!Nature is everywhere, you just have to allow yourself to see it.We don’t always have access to giant lush forests or awe-inspiring red rocks, but Mother Nature's gift isn’t limited to these places. That’s where most minds go when asked for a peaceful place of escape ~ imagining grand national parks or isolated islands ~ but some of the best places to receive Mother Nature's rejuvenating energy are right in our backyard!


yellow flowers on bush  LOTUSWEI flower essences


Is there an abandoned block in your town? A small patch of land that isn’t maintained? Maybe even a community garden?That’s your nature.

succulents  LOTUSWEI flower essences

You don’t need to plan hours of time to be outside. During your lunch break, go on a walk to your favorite tree {or better yet, sit under one + have a spontaneous picnic}! Find a small patch of land that is growing wildly + freely. The first step in making more time for nature is opening your mind to what nature IS.


computer in nature LOTUSWEI flower essences
If you want to bring nature to you rather than going to find it, start a small garden, buy some flowers or even make a terrarium to keep in your home. Take time to sit with + feel the energy radiating from your source of nature. See if you can even set yourself up to work outside for the day! The smallest amounts of love + kindness from a plant are enough to improve your mood drastically.
cactus LOTUSWEI flower essences


It can even be as simple as opening your windows. Make an effort to connect with the outdoors in any way possible! The end result will be amazing ~ and you’ll be a much happier person.

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