May 24, 2017


{May 21 - June 20}

Gemini’s are energetic, imaginative, adaptable + clever. They are quick thinkers + communicate extremely well. Little details are super important to Gemini’s, causing them to focus on anything but the bigger picture. They are stable, but reveal their individuality + value personal freedom. Gemini’s are attracted to excitement, however, they also bore + tire very easily, making it hard for them to follow through sometimes. They thrive in groups and are able to liven up almost any situation. Organizing a party may be the best gift you could give them!

juniper ridge incence LOTUSWEI flower essences

Juniper Ridge Incense

With a variety of wild scents, Juniper Ridge is thebestoption for incense lovers. From spices to cedar trees, all of the aromas are to die for! Their super pure incense is calming and fills the air with warmth + positivity.

crazy sexy juice book and radiant energy mist LOTUSWEI flower essences

Crazy Sexy Juice

Maintaining energy begins with health + diet! Help your Gemini’s work to create a consistent level of vitality by giving them Kris Carr’s wisdom! In this book, she tells you how to makeamazingjuices made with the proper ingredients. With more than 100 recipes, they’ll be feeling healthier + more energetic than ever!

Radiant Energy Mist

This mist magnifies radiance + vitality. Gemini’s often lack the stamina they need to experience the level of excitement + adventure they desire. Radiant Energy helps bring that balance needed to strengthen their presence! As an air sign, a mist will resonate best with them!

quarts gem card LOTUSWEI flower essences

Quartz + Sodalite

Quartz is a universal healer, meaning it can transmute a variety of clouded energies into sharp, clear ones. For Gemini’s, quartz helps focus scattered energy by filtering out unnecessary distractions. Sodalite helps them see the bigger picture. It refines communication skills by opening + balancing throat chakras, which is important for Gemini’s as they are normally stubborn about swaying from their own point-of-view.


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June 13, 2017

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June 12, 2017

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