March 20, 2017

I think about all of the time I spent without oils in my life + regret every one of those moments! I’ve already posted about the benefits of oil cleansing, but the real power is what lies in all of the magical healing oils out there!

tamanu oil LOTUSWEI flower essences



Tamanu Oil contains an anti-inflammatory called calophylloilide + an antibacterial called lactone. Together, those make a perfect solution for acne, wrinkles, blisters, burns, sores, eczema, shingles, bug bites + sunburns. The antioxidants it carries helps prevent UV related damage to your skin! It promotes healthy cell growth + heals skin from other wounds like acne scars.

rosehip seed oil LOTUSWEI flower essences



This is one of my favorite oils! It’s seriously amazing for your skin. The vitamin A + C promote the production of collagen, which has amazing anti-aging properties. Collagen is a protein meant to strengthen skin, bones + muscles. The vitamin C also helps treat infection, inflammation + stabilize the immune system. Rosehip Seed Oil also has a great amount of antioxidants which help prevent sun damage, reducing unwanted age spots!

sea buckthorn oil LOTUSWEI flower essences



Sea Buckthorn Oil is super rich in Omega 7, 3, 6, and 9! This combination makes hair + skin look amazing! With its high vitamin E content, the oil penetrates very deep into the skin, making the levels of softness + hydration through the roof. It’s also a mind analgesic, which helps prevent the spread of bacteria on already irritated skin! Sea Buckthorn is super special because it helps with skin conditions like rosacea, acne, measles + mumps! This is due to it’s amazing anti-inflammatory abilities.

healing oils LOTUSWEI flower essences


Incorporating any of these oils will dowonders for your skin. It’s amazing how something so little + pure can affect your skin health in such a drastic way. Take care of your skin ~ future you willlove it.

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