June 14, 2017

Crystal grids are essentially mandalas with a little more method to the madness. Instead of creating symmetrical patterns on a plain surface, you organize them on a sacred geometrical pattern. Some of the most common patterns are the flower of life, seed of life, five point star + fruit of life.Creating a crystal grid is an amazing ritual for manifesting your dreams. It connects the energies of multiple crystals, with different healing qualities, to help utilize their full potential as a group. They’re also super easy to make! crystal grids by lotuswei the flower essences blogTo start, you need your geometric pattern. This will give you your layout for the crystals + help reach your specific goal. There are a ton of patterns available online or you can purchase a longer lasting cloth.

Once you have your pattern, choose an area that is peaceful for you + away from negative energies. Cleanse your area with sage or palo santo before you begin arranging + charging your grid.crystal grids by lotuswei the flower essences blogWhat are you intentions? What do you want in your life right now?The purpose of the crystal grid is to combine the energies of your healing stones + sacred geometry to create a positive power source, allowing your dreams + intentions to manifest more quickly.

Choose your center stone, otherwise known as your focus stone. This stone should contain the qualities of your main intention. It’s common to use a crystal point as it directs your intentions straight up into the universe, but any you choose will work! Place it in the center of your geometry.crystal grids by lotuswei the flower essences blogGently place the rest of your crystals on the grid. Hold your intentions within your mind. Once you’ve organized all of the crystals on the grid, grab a crystal wand or a clear quartz point + begin connecting all of the stones. The best way to go about this is basically by playing connect the dots with the wand as your pen, moving in a clockwise motion.

For maximum benefits, create your crystal grid during New Moon, as this is the perfect time for new beginnings + setting goals for yourself! *Note: if for some reason the crystals are moved or disturbed, you’ll have to reconnect the stones with your wand again

Star wishes + flower petals, 

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