December 23, 2017

{December 22 - January 19}

Capricorns are responsible, patient, ambitious + loyal. They have a special awareness of how the individual spirit relates to the universe. With their drive + desire to succeed, they rarely give up on their goals.

Having a plan is important to them, so when change occurs, they aren’t generally flexible to it. They see the importance of free will + the ability to be assertive. Knowledge of power + how to use it is instinctual to Capricorns.

desire map planner LOTUSWEI flower essences

Danielle LaPorte Planner

This is the planner of all planners! It combines your to-do list with you dreams, desires, goals +passions. It’s designed to help you get what you want, when you want it. You’ll be more decisive with the help of this organizer everyday! If you want to throw in a little extra something, throw in one of her inspirational card decks to add motivation + more smiles to your Capricorn's day.

steal like an artist book LOTUSWEI flower essences

Inspired Action Serum + Anointing Oil

Capricorns like to stick to a strict schedule + plan. Inspired Action will help them break down the walls of conformity + think outside the box! If you’re not open to change, your mental growth begins to slow down, which is counteractive for a Capricorn’s desire to explore + grow in power. The serum or anointing oil will give them more drive to push limits as often as possible.

Steal Like an Artist

To follow the creativity that Inspired Action sparks, this book will teach those struggling to make art find it everywhere! Austin Kleon created a guide filled with exercises + examples to push people to create. It focuses on using other artists to inspire your own creations!

carnelian stone LOTUSWEI flower essences

Carnelian + Blue Sodalite

Carnelian overcomes the intense need for security. Capricorns aren’t a fan of change, so feeling secure is essential to them. In order to break out of their shell, they need to embrace new things + feeling a bit out of place! Blue Sodalite is a crystal that helps increase receptivity to new info. Whether it be about ourselves or the world, a new understanding can easily be formed. Both of these crystals will help their growth immensely.


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