January 23, 2017

{January 20 to February 18}

It’s Aquarius season!

Aquarians are the water bearers of the zodiac, known for their independence, originality + cleverness.

They have a super advanced thought system, allowing them to comprehend most scientific + philosophical ideas, and them a level of universal wisdom.

Though they are wise + stable, Aquarians also have a childlike aspect to them, thriving on joy + the company of others. They like simple relationships + are easily thrown off track when there is any level of conflict. This resistance to complexity can manifest as a tendency to run from emotional expression + openness.
It’s sometimes hard to know what an Aquarius is feeling, as they rarely show their emotions.

This trait often comes off as somewhat temperamental + aloof. Shopping for an Aquarius can be difficult! However, their adaptive nature + desire for new opportunities makes the search a little bit easier. I’ve put together a few items that your favorite Aquarius is sure to love!

essential oil diffuser and infinite love mist and an open heart book LOTUSWEI flower essences

Essential Oil Diffuser

What better gift for an air sign + water bearer than something that literally fills the environment with a sense of calmness + love. Take it a step further + pair the air the diffuser with some lemon oil! This oil is perfect for boosting the mood, making it easier for Aquarians to think clearer!

An Open Heart: Practicing Compassion in Everyday Life

In this book His Holiness the Dalai Lama shares methods to transform the negative emotions of anger, jealousy + attachment into love + compassion. An Aquarius struggling with to express themselves may find great guidance within this book, reminding them ofthe value of keeping an open heart + positive mind.

infinite love mist LOTUSWEI flower essences

Infinite Love Mist

Given that they are an air sign, an airborne mist would be the best gift! Infinite Love is perfect to help them be in touch with their own emotions. Aquarians normally push their feelings under the table, making it difficult to know how they truly feel about themselves + others. Giving them a little gift to magnify their self- love + appreciation will help lead Aquarians down a path of healthy self-expression! *Photo credits: @ehpyle - Infinite Love Aura Mist

blue kyanite gem LOTUSWEI flower essences

Blue Kyanite + Pyrite

Blue Kyanite is known for strengthening the voice. It’s empowering nature helps Aquarians be grounded + express their deepest emotions smoothly {it's also the gem essence in the Quiet Mind formula!}.

Pyrite is the perfect stone to compliment their visionary nature ~ it inspires creativity in art, math, science ... everything! For the jewelry loving friends, string a stone to a beautiful gold chain for a healing necklace. Or give a large decorative piece so they can leave it in their work space!


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