March 02, 2017


To celebrate Katie's birthday this year, Team LOTUSWEI is sharing with the world Why We Love Katie! Happy Birthday, you totally amazing, beautiful hearted, funny, generous, flower-freak!

katie hess lotuswei

TAYLOR: Katie is wildly creative + inspires everyone around her to think big, go after their CRAZY dreams + take giant leaps towards embodying who they really are. She cares deeply about all beings, seen + unseen. Her compassion is contagious and can be felt from across the room. Her love is big ~ really, really BIG.

JODI: Katie, why do I love her? Like, LOOOOOOOOOVE, her?  She's sees me for who I am and who I choose to be, rather than my past. She gives me endless space to create + explore; she's the 'boss' who asks "Do you need to take a day for yourself? TAKE ONE."  Her kindness is beyond anything I am used to ~ she makes our work environment inspiring + I never have the restrictive feeling of 'oh, jeez, what if I mess up?'.  She's gracious. Grateful. Funny {sometimes even inappropriately HILARIOUS}. The way her face smiles makes my heart laugh.... She's the first person to offer help to ANYONE, anything, any living being.  She is a 'stop-and-smell-the-roses' kind of person - well, all flowers, not just roses!  She's a giver, she loves to share.  She is completely herself.  That's why I love her {plus she's a total badass!}

katie hess lotuswei

ROBBIE: Katie is one of the only people I know is genuinely open to feedback/questioning of ideas/opinions, etc., without taking things personally, but for what they are. She is interested in the truth of matters and what brings the absolute most benefit in any given scenario - super compassionate. She is the best salsa dancer I know. But what I truly love about Katie is that she is kind; not in the passive/polite way one gets used to in our culture ... she is actually, deeply kind.

KYLEE: I am so grateful to Katie for pushing me to explore + grow my creative abilities with every single project. I love that she is willing to work with me to pursue my dreams + wants us to gain as much experience as possible. And that she’s AWESOME + changing the world!

katie hess lotuswei

LISA: Hmmm, what I love about Katie ... That she sees her dog as a venerable old lady in a fur suit. That she is fiercely encouraging to those who are ready, even though they may not know it! That she never stops challenging & improving herself. That she sees the highest potential in the people she meets. That she doesn’t make excuses. That she is an unending fountain of visionary ideas. That she is becoming more fearless every day.

KATE: What I love about Katie is difficult to put into words. I've known her my entire adult life, and can honestly say I would not be the person I am today if weren't for her love + support. She is one of the most genuine persons I have ever known. She actively practices unconditional love, and is always, always, striving to know herself better, be a better person, and bring more good into this world. She listens. And still loves you. She will tell you what you need to hear. And will ask what she needs to hear {and hear it!}. Her commitment to her family, her dogs, her business, her practice, her generation of love + gratitude, is beautiful. She is beautiful. And being with her reminds you that you are beautiful, too. That life is precious + beautiful. Thank you Sally! ;)

What do you love about Katie? Share with us in the comments below! Happy Birthday, fearless leader!

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March 02, 2017

Happy Birthday Katie!!! Have a peaceful, fabulous day & evening with your beloveds!!!

Sally (MOM)

March 02, 2017

Happy Birthday, my lovely daughter! You are an inspiring person and I’m proud of you. You are loved unconditionally.

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