December 08, 2017

For some people, new year is a time for reflection and planning; for others is it just another day. Regardless, it is a point of transition for everyone. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, the world around us is going from hibernation to growth, from darkness to light, and our planet has made one more lap around the sun. The door to 2017 is closing – permanently. And there is no better time than now, when the experiences and emotions of this years’ activities are fresh, to learn from them.

Points of transition can be extremely powerful, and the quiet moments of inactivity can be some of the most powerful! Take sleep, for example - a period of time where we do absolutely nothing – but our quality of sleep has direct and undeniable impacts on our body, mind, and emotions.

As the door to 2018 opens we invite you to make time to do nothing and ask yourself:

“What do I want to carry through the threshold?”

What are you carrying right now that won’t serve you going forward? What can you do  lighten your load? What intentions have carried you through challenges or guided you to this year’s most rewarding experiences? Now is the perfect time nurture those intentions and make sure their roots are firm.

Whatever your intentions and goals may be for 2018, we have the right flower-powered goodies to support you. To that end everyone on the team has listed a few of their favorite LOTUSWEI flower essence products of all time – along with their individual experiences of those products.

Wishing you clarity, insight, and love as we move into 2018!

Inspired Action Mist LOTUSWEI flower essences


Inspired Action Mist 
Focus. Creativity. Out-of-the-box thinking. Zero overwhelm. I got this. Check, check, check. Need I say more? Oh, and it's super refreshing and exotic - citrus, pink pepper and cardamom - YUM.

Joy Juice Anointing Oil
I apply it to my wrists and neck and it makes me smile and laugh so. much. more. No joke. Within hours. I've been taking it with me and applying it before and during salsa dancing. I already naturally love dancing, but when I use Joy Juice, all inhibition goes out the window. I laugh a ton and feel so much freedom in my body.

Flowerevolution Elixir of the month
I love this sooooo much. I know I am biased, but there is something so magical that I don't even understand myself - about the elixirs each month and how they build on each other and create synergistic effects - and how they seem to be exactly what I need each month.

Full Bloom Anointing Oil LOTUSWEI flower essences


Full Bloom Anointing Oil
My favorite perfume! The smell makes me instantly smile.

Inner Peace Mist
Literally calms me down right away. Helps me settle into place and feel at home.

Infinite Love Mist
Turns me into a snuggly ball of mush! Makes me feel all warm and loved inside. (Also available in the 8oz size for a limited time ~ 4x the usual amount for less than 2x the price!)

Flowerevolution flower essences LOTUSWEI Gold Elixirs


Flowerevolution Elixir of the month
I LOVE our single elixirs. We often say that our combination flower essences (like Joy Juice, Inner Peace, etc.) are great for maintaining a baseline of stability, and then the single elixirs help to dive deeeeeep and really peel back the layers, where the messy but exquisite transformations take place, and that is my experience in a nutshell. What I love about following the Flowerevolution program is that I often work with flower essences/habits I might otherwise try to avoid. And the results have been INCREDIBLE. I can't even begin to describe how much my life as transformed for the better with these babies. :)

CAPtivator Anointing Oil
When I first tried this essence, my immediate thought was "Where have you been all my life?!" The scent is intoxicating, and I feel powerfully sensuous (as in completely attuned with my senses). I love to put it on my wrists before I go to bed at night, as well as any time I need to reconnect with my divine feminine strength.

Quiet Mind Serum
I usually put this on my face, neck and shoulders every night before bed. I carry a lot of tension in my upper back + neck, and applying the Quiet Mind helps me take time to relax and dissolve that before sleep. I've also noticed - though I'm not someone who typically has trouble sleeping - I'm so much more rested and rejuvenated the next morning.

Flowerevolution flower essences card deck with special messages


The Inspired Action Aura Mist is my go-to #flowerpower pretty much every day. It’s like a strong cup of coffee, minus the caffeine jitters, that feels sublimely refreshing on bare skin + leaves me smelling exotically spicy, with a touch of citrus zest.

I am so in love with our new Flowerevolution Card Deck! They are perfect for daily ritual keeping, deep-dive conversation starting + inner landscape navigating.

Want to give someone the gift of bathing in moonshine, gemstone magic + luxurious botanicals, from the comfort of their own home? You may be thinking, “Wait what? That’s a thing?!” YES, IT’S A THING ~ made possible by these!

Inner Peace Mist LOTUSWEI flower essences


Inner Peace Mist
It's unbelievably calming and refreshing - the scent is fabulous. I keep this essence close at hand for frequent misting sessions throughout the day, especially if I'm feeling overwhelmed or stressing.

Inspired Action Mist
An absolute necessity in the office and at home! I can’t count the amount of times I have thought “I wish I had some Inspired Action Mist right now”. It melts away procrastination, afternoon lulls, and creative blocks. Love it.

Giant Spider Lily Flower Elixir
We try to keep the vibe in the office fun and joyful, and we joke around a fair bit. As such, I was shocked at the experience when I took this elixir for the first time. I had no idea I had been taking things so seriously; the new light/cheerful spaciousness this infused into my daily experience was incredible. I come back to this elixir from time to time - and it never disappoints.

Infinite Love Anointing Oil LOTUSWEI flower essences


CAPtivator Anointing Oil
Because it’s just amazing! I love the scent and it makes me feel so comfortable in my body.

Infinite Love Mist
Always makes me feel really in my heart and connected to others. (Also available in the 8oz size for a limited time ~ 4x the usual amount for less than 2x the price!)

Black Bat Elixir
This flower essence helps me honor myself more and be able speak up. I tend to be overly understanding, and this essence helps me assess situations better so I am more discerning in where to channel my energy most effectively.

Radiant Energy Mist LOTUSWEI flower essences


Flowerevolution Card Deck
Sometimes it is easy to forget where I am at, where I am going and what is next.  When I am feeling disconnected + foggy, I take a moment to calm my mind and pull a few cards.  This little ritual helps me recenter + refocus.  Sometimes I even do this daily just to reconnect to the day! Working in production can sometimes cause me to go into mental Bliss, and though this might seem like an amazing way to go through the day, I need to stay grounded, steady, and in the present moment not just for me but for YOU.

Today's card: BLACK BAT FLOWER - Fierce compassion, advocate for yourself + others … Appropriate, no?

Radiant Energy Mist
I always have a bottle of this by my side when I am working on any electronic device.  If you work with computers, then you get me. I walk away feeling a little tired and well, blah.  A few sprays of Radiant Energy, deep breath and BANG!  The fire is re-lit.   Radiant Energy has in it some pretty amazing flower essences - Jade succulent is the one that gives me the oomph that I need to reset myself, Pomegranate flower gives me a little re-energizing boost as well and let’s face it, IT SMELLS AHHHHHHHHMAZING.

Inner Peace Anointing Oil
I don’t let this little gem outta my sight.  Just recently our family suffered the loss of my youngest brother, and had I not known the ability of this blend I feel like I would still be in a sad, dark place.  I brought this with me to his Celebration Of Life and covered myself in it.  COVERED.  Bottom of my feet before I put on my socks, my neck, I swirled it onto my hands and combed my fingers through my hair.  I smothered EVERYONE with hugs and held them. I hugged a lot of people that night.  Wrapping my arms around strangers, family and friends, I realized that almost every person that hugged me squeezed tighter than usual and breathed deeeeeeep, pulling away with an almost completely different look.  No longer pain and complete grief but a look of calm and peace.

Flowerevolution Book and flower essences


Giant Spider Lily Elixir
This flower essence is helping me lighten my emotional and energetic load from when I was a child, as well as tap into my inner child and assist her with her healing.

Infinite Love Serum
I put this on my feet every morning cuz I need a lot of love! I've also discovered if there is any type of body pain, I rub the serum there and it dissolves significantly!

Quiet Mind Serum
These flower essences help me instill calm and give me good nights sleep. It helps with crying children (and their parents!), and a variety of stressors. Quiet Mind is just wonderful!

LOTUSWEI Quiet Mind Mist flower essence New York Times


As the year dwindles, I reflect on what I've learned and what I need to focus on. I've learned to accept other's lives as is, without judgment but with love and understanding. I've re-learned to open my heart to new friendships, and that people are genuinely good hearted. 

In 2018, I want to focus on myself as I typically focus on external relationships. Being in a long-term relationship, newly married, it's easy to lose sight of ME at times. I'm slowly in touch with who I was before I met my husband, and truly love that girl that's simply within. That is my goal.

My picks:

Infinite Love Elixir + Infinite Love Anointing Oil Combo
I gently say "kindness to myself and others" every time I use Infinite Love. It's significantly helped me have love and kindness to myself. It's important to me to consistently love who I am, otherwise I can't fully love anyone else.

Quite Mind Mist + Quiet Mind Elixir Combo
Essential to my bedtime routine!!! I spray on my pillow, face and take a few deep breaths - alone. Really helps me fall asleep fast and slip into a deep sleep, but most importantly

Love + flower petals,


LOTUSWEI team throwing petals in the air Flowerlounge

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