March 31, 2017

“Are you an artist?” That is without a doubt one of my least favorite questions in the world.

I normally respond with a hesitant, "yes," because I’m not quite sure how else to describe myself. I want to say "no, I’m a creator." That the phrase artist is too heavy for it to be an isolated talent that I have and other’s do not.

I believe everyone is an artist. Everyone has the ability to create a masterpiece in their eyes.

Everything is art ~ the way we move, the way we speak, the way we dress, the way we write. A mathematician creating an equation is just as much a piece of art as someone producing a painting.

So, to ask me if I am an artist, it’s being implied that only a select few aretrue artists. It seems exclusive + totally unwelcoming to everyone that practices a unique form of art.

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When someone is told that this person is an artist but they aren’t, the confidence to create slowly declines.

Everyone is an artist, but not everyone works as an artist.

This doesn’t mean disregard or give less importance to those working as a professional artist. However, everyone has the right + the ability to produce somethingmagical.It shouldn’t be diminished or taken away by a title.

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I say we ditch the artist label! Throw away everything we’ve ever been taught about what is + isn’t an artist + simply CREATE.

Everything that comes from your mind is a creation ~ you are the artist that created it! Make something that reflects you + your mind without any doubt that you’re not good enough.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Others may not agree that what you create is “art.”

That’s okay! Your methods of creations are different, and that in itself is a beautiful piece of work.

Star magic + flower petals, 

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