October 25, 2012


For when you're craving this shade of orange ... 1. Put orange tulips on your desk or bedside table. 2. Eat a Fuyu persimmon. So yummy--the Fuyu variety is the one that's sweet. 3. Pull on some neon orange tights. 4. Fry your own sweet potato fries at home with olive oil and salt. 5. Put a pomegranate flower in your hair for creative expression. 6. Apply Pure Energy Serum to your face or your belly; it has pomegranate flower essence. 7. For lucky ducks that live near Santa Monica, savor Spiced Yam juice at Moon Juice. 8. Meditate with Wei Joyful citrus dark chocolate with night-blooming flower essences. What's your favorite color? Comment below and we'll do a color therapy post with your favorite color!