Best Flower Essences for Gifts in 2019

November 27, 2019

So you want to give your friends and family the life-changing magic of flower essences this year. But … where to start? 

Here are easy gifts that everyone would love - whether they understand flower essences or not. 

Packed with flower essences and essential oils, it’s what-you-want-more-of, in a bottle. 

Up for personal growth? Done, the flower remedies will take care of that. 

Just want the yummy scents? Check!


For feeling uninhibited + lighter. Softening into self-love + compassion. Revitalize; allow yourself to indulge in self-care. Embrace self-acceptance. Nourish your heart. Attract abundance. Shop here.

For people who like scents that are: Warm, Floral, Earthy, Sweet 


Confidence. Flashes of insight. Asking for what you want. Clear mind. Focus. Get it done attitude. Wild creativity. Fearlessness. Ability to take a big leap & make it happen. Shop here.

For people who like scents that are: Fresh, Citrusy, Bright, Green


With 54 gorgeous flower cards with insightful messages, with 8 different visual + intuitive reading methods, your friends and family can see which flowers they’re most attracted and discover something about themselves. Or use the deck as an oracle deck: what lessons will 2020 bring? Shop here.


Toss it in your purse as a pick-me-up; they’re super light! 

Want flower essence recommendations for particular types of people? See below.

The Mama: Inner Peace
Because it’s the hardest job on the planet. AND it’s good for littles who are teething, rowdy, or restless. Double duty, because it’s for Mom AND the kids. 

The Niece: Wild Abundance or Fierce Compassion
You want to inspire her with the magic and abundance of life. Or encourage her to fill up on self-compassion. 

The Worrier:Joy Juice or Boundless Wisdom
For the ones who worry … this brings in a sense of contentment, humor and expecting the best. 

The Insomniac:Quiet Mind
For those who move fast, talk a lot and have lots of ideas, but can’t turn off their brains, keeping them awake at night. 

The Creative: Gamechanger or Inspired Action
For the black sheep of the family, the ones who think outside the box, the ‘different’ ones who march to the beat of their own drum. 

The Giver: Infinite Love
They do everything for everyone, giving all their time, energy and love to others, while forgetting to take care of themselves.  

The Introvert:Truthteller 
The quiet ones in the family. They don’t say much. But what if they did? 

The Self-Helper: Full Bloom or the Flowerevolution Wake Up Set
The one who are always ahead of the curve, who want to make a difference in the world, who are searching for new ways of doing things. The ones who are seeking their fullest expression in life. 

The Exhausted: Radiant Energy or Self Heal Elixir
They overwork themselves. Or they just went through chemo or radiation. Or they’re a bit shy. They need a boost of energy. They could benefit from a gentle cleanse and reinvigoration of their body.

Want more gift ideas? See last year’s gift guide here for more ideas

Love + flower petals,

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