February 23, 2017

Last November, in the midst of the Flowerevolution book launch, an organization reached out to us in the hopes of collaborating or featuring one another on our respective blogs.  We were swamped at that time + agreed to reconnect in the New Year.

Once things had settled down around the office, I re-investigated the organization to see how we might work together + whether we were truly a good fit.

What I saw moved me to tears.

random acts of flowers LOTUSWEI flower essences

Random Acts of Flowers is founded in the belief of the healing power of flowers and that one person can make a difference in the lives of others + the world. {Sound familiar?!?}

They bring donations of flowers from the community and deliver them to hospitals, long-term care facilities and hospice centers, bringing joy, kindness and encouragement to residents.

Flowers are powerful agents of tranquility, peace + healing, whether in their magical elixir or full-bloom form.  The act of giving flowers creates a moment of compassionate intimacy, in which people have the opportunity to truly *see* each other, whether stranger or loved one - and share a moment of beauty.

Random Acts of Flowers understands this interaction on a level I’ve rarely seen before, and I am so moved by the ripple effect of kindness they create.

Check out the moments of joy in their video below!

I've been at so many events and trade shows and wondered - what's going to happen with all of these beautiful flowers?!!! What a great idea to share the flowers with people who can most benefit from a cheer up!

We're super happy that Random Acts of Flowers is working their magic in the world, and we wanted to spread awareness of this awesome organization ~ learn more about their mission here.



Sparkly smiles + flower petals,


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