March 12, 2017

Continuing with our newly minted LOTUSWEI birthday tradition, this week we're celebrating Taylor, resident Beauty Revealer!

What We Love About Taylor:


KATE: I have never laughed as hard or as regularly as I do with Taylor! She is smart, funny, and a gorgeous human being. I love how she is always working to do better, be better, to create more beauty + ease in this world. She puts love + care into absolutely everything she does, and she has an ability to infuse magic + loveliness into everything she touches. I love working with her ~ we laugh + create + explore + learn together ~ and I am beyond grateful. And the music videos she does with Kylee? Priceless.

JODI: Taylor ... She's artistic and abstract ... she's kind and loving. Silly ... I love the way she loves her sister ... the way her heart is towards others. It's great to see her "snap," and then watch how easily + quickly she calms herself. She's classically beautiful and stylishly hip ... She looks ADORBS in glasses! What do I love about Taylor? She's the only and only Taylor Rico :)


TAYLOR at naples botanical garden LOTUSWEI flower essences

KYLESS: Taylor is ... let me put it this way: The only person that will join me in eating guac at 8am. The only person that makes me laugh, regardless of the situation. The only person that can telepathically break out into the same dance AT THE EXACT SAME MOMENT with me. The only person that gives me all of her love + support in my crazy dreams. The only person that I actually enjoy going on adventures with. The only person that will make embarrassing music videos with me. The only person that completely understands my humor as much as I understand hers. Tay is my best friend in the whole entire universe. I love her + all of her crazy antics. She'll always be my #1 partner in crime + I cannot imagine going through life without her by my side {#siamese twins}.

Taylor in Sedona LOTUSWEI flower essences
ROBBIE: Dedication. Personality. Excellence. Honesty. Reliability. Beauty. Taylor embodies each of these things in every possible way ~ I am truly grateful to have her on the team + in our lives.
KATIE: Taylor has a huge heart! She's deeply compassionate, ultra softie and loving, with a vast capacity for receiving the world. Secretly, she's also super funny + silly in the loveliest way. Her hard-working side is super inspiring, because she constantly pushes past her own limits. She's also intolerant of nonsense in a refreshing way. She's super genuine and devoted to her loves, friends, family and work. She's open-minded and her title says it all - beauty revealer: everything she makes, touches, writes and creates is exquisitely beautiful. The best part! She's an awesomely unforgettable travel partner. I'll never forget our delirious laughter, and the way the world has made its impressions on us. We've both grown from our experiences together and that's precious.
Happiest of Birthdays, Tay! We love you <3

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