January 12, 2018

Today we get to celebrate Robbie, our one and only Joy Broker.

What we LOVE about Robbie:

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Robbie might be the funniest person I have ever met, without even trying. He is quite a jokester, and I love when he intercepts my PostMates deliveries ​and tells the drivers that he is Alexis. Robbie is an amazing singer, songwriter + musician, and we are lucky to have him 💕

There are so many things I love about Robbie… People have even joked with me that Robbie is really my kid… Why? Because of how I gush about him. Not only is Robbie a stellar IT/HR/personal assistant/all knowing OZ, he’s a good dude.  

Robbie brightens up my day on constant basis … he’s intellectual, compassionate and FUNNY as alllllll get out!!!  He’s a talented singer/guitar player … he’s an exceptional artist … and he, above all, is an amazing friend.  He’s the kind of person that will go out of his way to make sure that you are okay. He’s a good man, son, friend and worker. I love you Robbie… you’re truly tops in my book!

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Robbie is The Man. In fact, he is the only man that currently works alongside us. He is one diligent, patient, and dedicated worker. Robbie has made my drastic transition, from the lush landscapes of Oregon to the rugged barren desert, one of MUCH more ease.  He is always happy to listen, “holds” space like a female friend, and genuinely cares how everyone else is doing. He is truly an amazing musician/singer/friend and I am grateful for the opportunity to jam with a man of such abilities - and he never complains! Robbie is like a unique, eclectic treasure and I greatly appreciate the light and laughter he has, and will always continue to bring into our lives.

Robbie is like a boat on a calm sea. He has a certain sophistication to him. At fist sight he can seem a little reserved. But then he smiles and opens his mouth and is really funny with little effort. Intelligent. Witty, and a pleasure to work with.

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Robbie knows how to make me laugh like few do. He is always quick with a joke, even if he has to make it up and risk a disappointed head shake. He is so smart and incredibly good-hearted. He loves our customers + takes care of them so lovingly. He never tires of helping me with my tech questions (even when I’ve asked so many times before), but nothing gives me a greater thrill than showing HIM how do something on the computer (it does happen!)!

Robbie is like a brother to me, and I love getting to work with him every day. He’s an amazing songwriter + musician, and when he spontaneously brings out his guitar to serenade us ladies, it is always such a joy. Happiest of days, Roberto!

The short time I’ve gotten to know this guy, I’ve grown to really like, appreciate, and respect him for everything he does for us. He’s been my go to for every question under the sun, and is happy to help me at all times! Outside of work life, Robbie has an infectious laugh, a hilariously sarcastic sense of humor, and I’m happy to know him. Cheers. Happy BD, Robbie!

Robbie Cohen LOTUSWEI

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