November 17, 2017

Happy birthday, Kate the Great!

This week we're celebrating Kate, our one and only Growth Gardener!

What we LOVE about Kate:

kate LOTUSWEI flower essences

Jodi: She’s hilarious + can be very inappropriate … quietly, inappropriate :) She’s been-there-done-that but you would never know because she is very much a lady at all times - well almost all times. She cares about people, their experiences + their stories. She’s always engaged + listening. She’s a go getter. Her smile brings joy to my heart and she gives GREAT HUGS! I love you Kate! YOU are valued. YOU are loved!

Alexis: There is a long list of things that I love about Kate. The way she can light up a room with her smile and genuine care for others is amazing. I love to watch her give flower readings, because she is so good at connecting with others from all walks of life, you'd think she knew the person a lifetime. Kate has this way of being completely clutch any time we are in a bind ... whether it's with her calming demeanor, or with her quick wit and comedic relief, or just her always creative and bright ideas ... she is always an asset to any situation {whether it's bad or good!} and anytime I'm around her I am ALWAYS smiling or laughing. Thanks for being born Kate! xoxo


Kate LOTUSWEI flower essences


Robbie:Great sense of humor. Supportive. Team player. Brings fashion / fabric knowledge to the team. Adores our customers. Has a sisterly quality.Gets way frustrated by computer/technical issues.. which is a lot of fun to watch.. I mean.. I do help eventually.. but first I watch the breakdown.


Kate and tree LOTUSWEI flower essences


Eloquently versed,

Lovely Green-eyed feline

Who dances and sings

If we are lucky..

Always a thrill Intelligent, strong willed

Leaving in her tracks..

A roguish smile,

infinite depth,

And the lingering aire of mystery

of words once spoken.

She is Kate Van Wyck

The first, maybe last

Our token ♥

Katie:  What I love most about Kate is her devotion to depth, meaning + purity of intention. She’s the first to protect the spiritual/energetic motivation behind each project. She cherishes the true impact of what we create + deeply cares about people. She wants everyone we touch to have access to experiences that awaken them in a real + tangibly transformative way. She believes wholeheartedly in the magic of flower essences and transmits that to everyone. She has the most gorgeous smile and is unusually talented in the art of fashion, color + fabrics, which oddly has saved my butt many a time in weird moments of what-do-I-wear desperation. Kate is the person who will never turn you down if you have a challenging situation; she will always show up for you with a big soft heart.


  • Kate has the gift of always showing up ~ exactly in the way that you need her, with supreme patience. She has a nurturing quality that opens you up + inspires you to be exactly the way that you are.
  • Her big, bright + contagious smile that she never holds back.
  • If something lights her up, she makes time for it + executes … even if she has a bunch of things on her to-do list!
  • She’s an educator and loves to share what she believes in with anyone that crosses her path.
  • She’s my brain when mine isn’t working … like, she ALWAYS answers my “I swear this is the last time I am going to ask … but where does this apostrophe go again?” question.


Kate LOTUSWEI flower essences

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