September 17, 2017


LOTUSWEI birthday love ~ this week we’re celebrating Jodi, our one and only Laughter Catalyst! What
We Love About Jodi:

happy birthday jodi LOTUSWEI flower essences

Katie  Jodi by nature is super positive + easy-going. She makes us all laugh, is down-to-earth + compassionately in tune with everybody around her. We've worked together on + off for several years; I've been lucky to watch her grow as a person over the years. What I find intriguing about Jodi is that she always has a surprise tucked up her sleeve. She is so resourceful - she can do just about anything! Drive a semi? No prob. Make a gourmet raw food meal? Easy. Start a farm in the desert? Yep. Build an outdoor shower? Ain't no thang. It has been so much fun to work together + see her bloom into more and more of her true - and most beautiful - self. She is gentle, loving, aware + a good mama! I have learned a lot from working with her + am so grateful for her joyful presence. Besides her relentless positivity + ability to dive into any project to be of service, what I love most about Jodi is her ability to see things that others don't. She makes jokes non-stop + is always laughing ... but underneath the humor, she is very astute + reads people + situations very clearly.

Robbie  Jodi = Hilarious. Driven. Reliable. Responsible. Funny. Passionate. Energetic. Joker. Resourceful. And an incredibly precious member of the LOTUSWEI family. She's kind of a big deal.

Taylor-  Her shockingly smooth + wildly inappropriate sense of humor. I can't believe some of the things she comes up with! - She's a chameleon ~ can connect with anyone! She can make a stranger feel like a long lost best friend in 30 seconds or less. - Her ability to streamline anything to be most efficient - all while being eco-friendly + on a budget. - Her creative culinary talents. She makes a killer avocado chocolate pudding, has the best juice recipes + the last thing she made us {sweet potato hash} blew my taste buds away! - She has a beautiful eye for photography, and she's always making sure to snap photos of me {I'm normally behind the camera} so it looks like I was actually there!

happy birthday jodi LOTUSWEI flower essences

Lanette  Jodi knows who she is. She is loyal + courageous, passionate and of service. An instrument of healing. Reminds us of who we are, gives the best hugs, unconditional breast of love. She's nurturing yet strong, soft like a marshmallow, sweet + warm. Brings laughter + smiles all around. A great sense of humor - always joking around. Strong heart. Warrior of peace. Beautiful balance of masculine + feminine. Deep and wise, like a tree. Can make anything, and puts 100% into her work, always. Knows to never trust a fart. Makes lovely pieces of art. She is my rock. Builds beautiful gardens out all of her schtuff. Talented beyond a doubt. Nothing will ever hold her down. She spreads seeds of love all around. Forever grateful. She's my buddy! Jodi: I love you. Today we celebrate you. Thanks to this special day, we have you around. Happy Birthday ~ celebrate YOU as we all do!

Kate  Jodi is amazing. Her ridiculous, witty + {mostly} inappropriate sense of humor is a reason to live. I love listening to how she parents her totally awesome boys ~ she is a loving + devoted Mama, who also knows how to keep her kids on their toes {and the rest of us!}. She is always there when you need a hug, someone to vent to, someone to laugh with, someone to distract you from your own nonsense. She will listen + love you unconditionally, but she's not {ever} afraid to call you on your shit. So Jodi is basically the definition of the best friend you could ask for! I am in awe of her ability to solve any problem {even counting ... ;)} and her willingness to just jump in with both feet and get it done, no matter what it takes. Her sense of adventure, constantly wanting to learn new skills + improve herself is inspiring. Jodi: I love you so much. LOTUSWEI, and me!, would not be the same without you!

happy birthday jodi LOTUSWEI flower essences

Alexis  I could easily write a novella of reasons why I love Jodi. In just the short time of knowing her, she has really changed not just how I view myself, but the entire world around me. She has a way of lifting you up, just by being around. Jodi has this inspiring way of making everyone around her laugh, even in difficult situations. That's another one of her gifts, being able to feel the feelings of the people around her, and lighten the mood with love and laughter. She always takes great care of those around her with loving words, back rubs, and sarcasm that is sure to put a smile on your face no matter what - but just as much as she is loving + caring, she is fiercely devoted to her work and protecting the ones she loves. Jodi is determined + so hard working, nothing can ever stop her from her goals - but what I love the most about her is that she was dealt some tough cards in life ... but that has never stopped her ... in fact, it's made her that much better. Jodi has looked in the face of pain + adversity, laughed AND. I can't put into words all of the ways that she has impacted myself - and our team - but I'd be damned if I would change her for anything in the world. Keep on rockin', Jodes - I love you!

happy birthday jodi LOTUSWEI flower essences

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September 19, 2017

Hear hear! <3

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Creative plant pots

September 18, 2017

Jodi has this inspiring way of making everyone around her laugh, even in difficult situations.

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