December 21, 2017

Happy birthday, Alexis!

This week we're celebrating Alexis, our one and onlyExperience Creator!
What we LOVE about Alexis:

alexis mcpeters LOTUSWEI flower essences

She’s … well, ALEXIS … she’s direct and to the point.  A person that will tell you like it is and then hug it out after. She’s small in stature but stands taller than life.  She’s an advocate for the smaller furrier soul especially the bullied kind.  She’s a planner TO THE T … if there's an event to be had, she plans it with FLAIR and panache. She’s the kind of woman that has your back and will hold your hand (and hair) through whatever ICK you are going through … Feisty… oh boy is she Feisty!!! SASSY and BEAUTIFUL …

Alexis, you are truly the embodiment of all women.  Happy Birthday, little mama…

Alexis is my feisty little señorita. What I admire most about her is she is so fearless in expressing what is on her mind - and doesn’t hold back. She’s a truth teller. She is a logistics queen ~ I have a hard time wondering how we could complete projects without her. You know those Flowerlounge events we traveled all around the country for this year? Yeah, she’s the one who organized every detail.

She’s become one of my very dear friends - and she’s a damn good one … the type that will text you back in the middle of the night or when you need it most. Love you, babe! You deserve the best birthday ever!

alexis mcpeters taylor rico flowerlounge LOTUSWEI flower essences

Spunky as heck, there is no stopping Alexis when she sets her mind to something! She puts her head down and focuses until it’s done. If she says she’ll do something, she does it. Period. She’s down-to-earth, down-to-business and no bs. She speaks her mind, can be funny as hell, and is a great writer. She has a huge gorgeous smile and is loyal/protective as all get out. She has a huge love for dogs (especially pit bulls) and is the kinda person who will surprise you by pulling you aside when she’s the only one who can see you’re secretly having a rough time.

I have not known Alexis long, but I am excited to get to know her because she makes me genuinely laugh!  The way she talks about life and everyday matters is comical, relatable, and refreshing; a trait many people would love to have. I respect her motivation not only at work, but as a loving dog mom. Her interests outside of work are totally unique, which I admire and inspire me!

alexis mcpeters dog mom LOTUSWEI flower essences

Alexis sure is the bee's knees. Unfortunately, I haven't had the honor of getting to know her better, so I wrote a cheesy name poem!

Amusing- never a dull moment
Lovely- inside and out
Elusive- I swear I never see her. Maybe it's just me ;p
Xtraordinary- she's pretty much a rock star
Independent- dare I say Miss?
Savvy- nuff said.

I was really hoping there was an F in her name because I wanted to add the word "fiery". This is what I admire most about her. I also love her off the wall jokes and peculiar obsessions.

alexis mcpeters LOTUSWEI flower essences

Alexis is a firecracker in all the best ways ~ loud when she gets excited, fiery and full of life. I love her enthusiasm for life and all the possibilities that arise when we're open to them! She's loving, loyal and embodies the beauty of fierce compassion ~ she will tell it like is, no holds barred, but with the purest intentions and most love + truth I have ever encountered.

Her willingness to jump right in and make it happen is inspiring ~ she's embraced the LOTUS-way so completely {even though I know we're a bit out there at times!}, and grown into herself so much since she joined us, I'm a bit in awe.

And, like Taylor said, she is an amazing freaking friend. The first to stand up for you and the last one to leave when you need her. Alexis ~ happy birthday, my friend. I'm so happy you're here.

alexis mcpeters LOTUSWEI flower essences

Alexis is driven, to-the-point, and on-task ... AND she has a great sense of humor. Such a wonderful combo. On the feisty scale she can go from zero to 100 in an instant. Love it. Her energy and attitude is a welcome addition to our dynamic team.  And beyond grateful that she makes the arduous hour-long commute to join us at the office!

I love that she is so blunt. She’s got a good balance of being very straight-forward, witty, kind, just lets you know what she thinks. And she doesn’t give a sh*t what other people think about her. She makes me want to just wrap her in a great big hug and hold her, even if she starts to squirm after a minute ;p.

She has this way of being incredibly human and connected to the earth, and yet has this really profound, magical, super-hero aspect that she’s still learning to tap into. But it is there and it is strong! She’s got a great balance of being incredibly intelligent with the mouth of a trucker. And I LOVE to hear her laugh!

Happy birthday, beauty!
We hope you have the best day + year yet ~ you deserve it <3


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