August 16, 2017


Saying I love sleep is an understatement. I will turn down anyone + anything if it involves interfering with my full 8 hours… without hesitation. Without those hours, I don’t have the energy or stamina to make it through a simple work day. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of a healthy mind + body. While it’s a simple + a seemingly easy concept, a full night of sleep is actually difficult for most people to accomplish. So, here are a few tips + tricks that help me stay on track.



First + foremost... POWER DOWN. Your phone, computer, iPad, + TV all play a role in stealing from your overall sleep time. From the melatonin damaging blue light to the constant buzzes, these devices all have an affect on your internal time clock! Plan ahead + get all of your emails, texts + web surfing done a few hours before you plan on settling down for bed. Trust me, I know the struggle of wanting to binge watch a new Netflix series until you can’t keep your eyes open anymore, but this will help your mind + body slowly wind down.

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If turning off your electronics interrupted the race in your mind before it was ready, relay that brain power to writing. Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, taking a few minutes to write down thoughts, ideas, questions or even some fun little stories is a great mental outlet. There’s a ton of things we keep locked away, just pounding on our skull trying to get out. Put a pen in your hand + those thoughts will come rushing out, relieving some of the unnecessary clutter.

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Yoga intended for winding down is another fantastic way to relieve stress from the day. Practicing the right salutations + positions will allow your body + mind to completely relax. End your routine with a short meditation for even more benefit.

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Herbal tea is a great way to wind down as you’re getting ready for bed. It dissolves tension + soothes the nervous system. For an extra calming effect, add a dropper full of Inner Peace or Quiet Mind elixir into the tea.

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The last part of this routine is a self foot massage with Quiet Mind serum. Once you’ve completed your normal nighttime routine, hop into bed + put some Quiet Mind serum into your hands. Breathe, relax + massage the serum into the bottom of your feet, taking time to really work it in. Do this every night + you’ll find yourself sleeping longer + deeper over time!

What are some steps you take to get a full night's rest?


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