December 18, 2016

star lily TOP YOUR TREE WITH A STAR LILY Want to give your tree some flower-style this year? What better flower to top your tree with than a big showy Star Lily ... or a bouquet of them! I personally looove the deep magenta lilies ~ they fill a room with the most delicious aroma ~ but lilies come in all sorts of colors! Stick with a red + green holiday color scheme and find the flower in deep red or emanate the shining lights on your tree with white or bright yellow lily blossoms! white lilies Take this idea to the next level and leave your ornaments in the garage and decorate your entire tree with your favorite flowers! Weave the stems between the branches or clip them on with mini clothes pins. If this idea inspires you and your tree gets flower-bombed this year, you haaave to share! Post a photo on social media and tag @lotuswei + #flowerevolution! mandala MAKE A MANDALA FOR YOUR TABLE CENTERPIECE Though you can use absolutely any flowers for this, I particularly love making designs with roses and marigolds ... they compliment each other beautifully and you can get really creative with the combination of full buds and petals. CENTERPIECE If cooking and cleaning takes longer than you think and you run out of time, lay out the buds and sprinkle petals like confetti and let it be! You can even leave bowls of petals on the table and invite your guests to come together and create a collaborative mandala! When it's time to clean up, don't throw the flower petals away! Gather them up and make a flower offering ~ shower your garden with flower petal blessings or go to a nearby lake, pond or river and make wishes as you offer the flowers to the water. diy wrapping DECORATE YOUR PRESENTS WITH FOLIAGE This is one of my favorite things to do. It's simple, unique and gets you outside! Instead of buying ribbons + bows (which contribute a lot to holiday waste), go for a walk and pick some flowers + foliage around your neighborhood. Before you take from the plant, tune into it and ask for permission ~ you'll feel in your core an absolute yes or no. For the foliage to stay on the present, wrap a piece of strong grass or twine around the package and slide your precious finding underneath the string! Easy peasy! BRING A FLOWER ELIXIR AS YOUR HOSTESS GIFT The popular go-to hostess gift always seems to be a bottle of wine (which usually only serves 4-6 adults, depending on who is pouring the glass). Change things up this year and gift the host/ess of the parties you attend a potion they can infuse into all the drinks they are serving ~ even the hot chocolate for the kiddos! We recommend Joy Juice, Inner Peace + Infinite Love Flower Elixirs for this time of the year. HAVE YOUR KIDS LEAVE SANTA SOMETHING FLOWER-POWERED Instead of milk and cookies, we have a few ideas ...
  • With a box of All the Wei {which contains all the yummy Wei of Chocolate flavors}, have your kids tune in to what they think Santa needs most this year ... gratitude, love, relaxation, joy ... and leave the flavors that inspire those flower-powered moods. In their note to Santa, be sure they tell him that instead of chewing up the chocolate, he should let it melt in his mouth ... for a decadent 2 minute meditation break, where he can revel in the deliciousness of the present moment.
  • Leave a steaming hot cup of dandelion tea {dissolves tension and benefits the liver, which will help process all the sugar he's been eating} or hibiscus tea {loaded with potent antioxidants and good for blood pressure}!
Can you think of any other flowerific twists on holiday traditions we should be adding to this list?! Here are few ideas from our friends on Instagram... @theyatraproject said :: make a flower garland to hang over the front door (inside) and over entryways into different rooms ~ great energy when entering! @ireallyloveviola said :: add flower essences to holiday drinks/desserts/foods, use a mist to make a room/home smell nice, treat yourself to a flower essence home spa day!

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