January 20, 2016


Taylor, our Beauty Revealer, put together 3 super easy DIY camera effect hacks that you can achieve using simple household items found in the kitchen. Helping Taylor out with the photo examples are: our two adorable office rescue dogs! Here's what Taylor says: For this project, you will need a camera (preferably a DSLR although a smartphone could work too), a white grocery bag, a clear sandwich bag, a produce bag and scissors. 1. For a cloudy vignette, this photo was taken using a white grocery bag. Cut a hole in the bag and place the bag around the camera lens. Start off with a penny-sized hole and then cut it bigger if you want less of a blurry effect on the edges. Tip: make sure you are using manual focus or else your camera is going to have a hard time focusing on the subject you want to photograph.  pit bull 2. For light-leaked blurry edges, I used a clear sandwich bag! Cut the corner of the bag and fit it over your lens. Move it around until the area of your subject is clear and snap something fun! If the light hits the plastic right, you will get really dreamy light flares! pit bull camera effect hacks 3. One way to get the 'faded film' effect is to lay something transparent over the lens - I used a netted produce bag, but you could also use thin gauze or netting of some sort. I love the way it looks less digital and more like it was captured with film. pit bull After a few minutes of the dogs being too hyped up to capture a clear photo, I dabbed some Inner Peace Anointing Oil on my wrists, rubbed their bellies and shortly after they were calm enough to sit still for their photo shoot ... amazing! Have you ever tried creating your own camera effects? What materials did you use? Share with us in the comments below!