February 12, 2015


Yesterday may or may not have been the last time I’ll see one of my grandmothers.

Alice is 92 + gorgeous. She is my mom’s stepmother. My mom is riding in the ambulance with her today as she gets transported to New Mexico, where Alice’s daughter lives – and where her new home will be.

The reality is that everyone we see … it may be the last time we see them. The fabric of life is much more fragile than we think. But when someone is 92 years old and moving to another state, it somehow makes the impermanence of life more tangible.

It filled me with joy to see Alice. Even though she’s been through a lot in the last few months, her eyes are crystal clear, her mind is sharp as a tack and she makes jokes right and left, making everyone belly laugh.

She’s curled up in a little ball in the bed, looking slightly like a little girl with white hair. She said to me laughing at herself, “Every day I get lazier and lazier. I don’t feel like walking. I don’t feel like getting up, sitting up, eating up.” The bed just feels more and more comfortable I suppose.

I watched my mom and how she interacts with Alice. She’s such an incredible caregiver – she’s been driving down from northern Arizona every week for the last three years to help care for Alice.

When Alice needed help with groceries, when she fell, when she had intestinal surgery, when she broke her tailbone, my mom was there for support. Even when my mom had eye surgery and had to sleep every night on a massage table with her face down the whole night, she’d place the table next to Alice’s bed, in case she needed to help her to the bathroom at night.

My mom is very in tune and great with details, like figuring out how small to cut the pain pills so that Alice wouldn’t go too long with pain after she broke some bones, but also to minimize addiction or nodding off in the middle of the day. She makes sure the nurses and doctors do what they say they’re going to do and is the best advocate.

I love that about my mom. But what I love even more is her eyes. Her eyes heal. When she smiles and feels a lot of affection for someone, a wave of love comes pouring out of her eyes. She beams light from her eyes and is totally 100% present with them. That’s a rare ability these days – to be present.

And I bet my mom has no idea that she’s doing that, or that her whole face lights up and changes shape and softens into this divine goddess that gets triggered when she’s around small children or the elderly. It’s just her way.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how we each have so many things that we appreciate about the people in our lives, but how rarely we tell others specifically what it is that we admire or love about them. Or what we see in them that’s different and beautiful.

I understand it, because sometimes saying things out loud takes away the poignancy or the ‘beyond words’ quality of life. Sometimes in the past I’ve regretted when I had spoken something that I felt so deeply, but the words came out like empty peanut shells when inside it felt like moonlight.

But what if we wrote these things down?

First of all, it’s a good practice just to think about the people around us and what aspects of them we love. Even if we never say anything about it to them, it magnifies our sense of gratitude that we have for the people in our lives  – and that’s such a positive thing. What we focus on, we get more of.

It could be your family, your friends, your colleagues and officemates, even your dog or cat. Or people you see every now and then.

Or people you have a difficult relationship with. If you can find things about them that you appreciate, it redirects your focus to what their strengths are.

Try it out and see how you feel. {It makes me feel so deeply appreciative of the complex beings that surround me and fill up my life with light. It makes me feel lucky.}

Write down the names of people in your life and what you love most about them. Or what you’re grateful to them for. You can write it in a notebook or in your phone notes.

What I love about … (fill in the blank with their name)

If you want to keep it for yourself, keep it. And if you want to share it with them, give them the little love note.

Of course, you can make your own, but if you just want to print and cut, you can download this one here:*what i love about you.

Love + flower petals,



cuban fury photo

As I have spent more and more time hunched over my laptop, my rear turning into jelly, I figured that my tired body was just part of the sacrifice of being an entrepreneur. But in the last year or so, I’ve really been feeling how unhealthy the lack of movement is. The only thing is – I only want a form of exercise that is fun.

I remember dancing salsa in the clubs when I was in my early 20’s, until every inch of my clothing was soaked with sweat. I loved the feeling of total concentration and unified movement with another person – as if you’re one.

It’s kind of like a meditation. You can’t think and dance at the same time. You have to just move and be aware of your partner’s every step. Men lead the women and every little movement of their hands tells you where to go and how to move. It’s the ultimate exercise in coordination and listening.

I was reminded of how much I love salsa from a friend of mine, Kate Thomas, who has a youtube travel show and even made a short documentary about salsa. We’d gone out looking for a salsa club in Santa Fe, when we were both there together recently for a workshop.

People always ask me what I do for fun. And everything I do for LOTUSWEI is so fun that it doesn’t really seem like work. But now I’ve found the perfect activity – at least for now – that will give me the movement I need, and actually be fun! Aside from driving motorbikes in Bermuda or traveling in Asia, I can’t think of anything more fun than salsa dancing, so I started taking some refresher lessons last week.

Then this past weekend I needed some down time, so I had a little salsa movie marathon for inspiration. These aren’t the typical movies I would watch, but I really wanted to see the dance scenes. It ended up being super fun and inspiring, so I wanted to share with you.  All the movies are on Netflix – and they’re all feel-good movies:

havana nights

I’m typically not the biggest fan of romance movies, but that seems to come with the territory of salsa films. First I watched Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights. The two main characters are so young – it reminded me of the incredible purity of being in love at that age. The movie takes place in Cuba during the revolution. The dancing is great and the romance is endearing.

dance with me

Then I watched Dance with Me. A Cuban boy goes to Texas to find his long lost father who runs a dance studio – and falls in love. And enters a dance contest. The love story is so-so, but the dancing – especially during the competition at the end – is fabulous. There are a lot of savory characters at the dance studio too that add humor and fun.

cuban fury dance

The last movie in my salsa marathon made me laugh so hard in one scene that my roommate came into my room to see if I was okay. It’s a British movie called Cuban Fury. It just came out last year, and is about a guy who was a salsa champion during childhood and adolescence, until bullies beat him up and made him eat all the sequins from his outfit. Fast forward 25 years and he’s an overweight corporate guy. He falls for his new female boss who loves salsa, so he goes back to his old teacher to re-learn his dance moves. There’s a dance competition (just like in the first two movies I watched) and the competition scenes lend themselves to some gorgeous dancing.

So if you just need to unplug for a while, and want a little cheer up, watch one or more of these movies, and tell me if you don’t feel like dancing afterwards …

And if you’re reading this thinking you’re too old for salsa, take a look at this 80 year old woman dancing salsa. 

Do you like dancing? What do YOU do for fun?!

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women in flower field

We want romance, poetry, proclamations of love, and that’s all good …

but what about about loving ourselves?

What about seeing Valentine’s Day as a day to shower ourselves with love and acceptance?

Here are some ways that I’m gonna love on myself this month, and I hope you do too:

1.  Buy yourself flowers. 

Go to the nearest place to find fresh flowers and buy yourself the ones you’re most attracted to. Put them somewhere in your house or office where you’ll see and enjoy them.

2.  Buy yourself chocolate.

Make sure it’s high quality dark chocolate. If there’s no milk/dairy in it, then it’s good for your health! My favorite is Wei of Chocolate – and she has a new flavor! And it’s my new favorite, whoa. She reformulated her Wei Love (Chili & Adaptagenic Herbs) – this time she added Rose oil! Trust me, it’s totally divine.

3.  Indulge in self-care. 

Last week I was in Santa Fe – I spent two luxurious days by myself at Ten Thousand Waves. I got a wildly incredible massage, ate yummy Japanese food, laid in bed during the day and spent hours in the sauna, hot tub and cold plunge under a starry sky. I was all alone and it was incredible!

What also works is to get an inexpensive fitness membership, so you can use their sauna every week (that’s what I do when I’m back at home). Or pour yourself a hot bath and put your favorite oils, essences and aromatherapy into it. Watch a movie, read a book; do whatever is the best form of self-care for you – you deserve it.

4.  Make a list of things you love about yourself. 

I know this sounds a bit funny, but I was working on some year-end reviews and came across a worksheet like this, so I tried it and it’s actually quite nice. Here are some of the things I wrote down that I love about myself: I’m loving. I’m authentic. My presence makes others feel peaceful. I encourage people. I genuinely care. I want the best for people. I can be pretty joyful and silly.

Okay I did it! Now it’s your turn. Jot down a quick list and then put it somewhere that you can look back at it!

The more you love yourself, the bigger capacity you’ll have for loving others. 

5.  Show your love to your beloveds – that aren’t your lover. 

Call your mom, your grandma, your daughter, your sister, your friends. Do something nice for someone –  and friends that you know are single. Take someone out for dinner. There are so many different kinds of love! Enjoy time spent with loved ones and celebrate each other and life!

6.  Do a Love Meditation – open your heart & spread the love. 

You know that even if you’re alone, your state of mind affects others? It affects people you know and even people you don’t know!

Here’s one you can try. There’s quite a bit of ambient noise in the background, but that’s kinda like life – a lot going on – and our job is to just observe whatever arises, so I left all the noises right where they’re at.  Recorded with love …

Love & flower petals,


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Captivate. Allure. Charm. Enamour. Mesmerize. Spellbind. Intrigue. Magnetize. Hypnotize …

That was the goal last fall we collaborated with CAP Beauty on an aromatherapy & flower remedy mist for their brand new store, CAP Beauty in Manhattan. CAP stands for Clean and Pure, and their new brick and mortar store is opening on February 14th with the cleanest yet most luxurious and unique brands in the natural beauty world.

We spent several months formulating and co-creating this mist – CAP founders Kerri and Cindy wanted something to make their community feel beautiful. Together we hit the mark – it’s definitely sensuous and exotic!


One of the sexiest formulas we’ve made yet: the CAPtivator!

Of course we only use natural essential oils – no artificial fragrances – and this blend is a warming, alluring blend of  Sandalwood, Clary Sage, Neroli and Rose, with a touch of spicy aphrodisiac Black Pepper.

The flower essences in Captivator magnify beauty, inspire playfulness and love.

navel orange blossom

Navel Orange flower remedy enhances sensuality, playfulness and warm heart.


Gardenia flower essence helps you see beauty in every aspect of yourself, embracing it all and seeing your strengths.

Summer meadow

Crown Flower essence enhances tenderness, affection and kindness toward oneself. Magnifies awareness of abundance and gratitude.

This bouquet of flower remedies and aromatherapy oils creates a sensuous combination that boosts libido and makes you feel gorgeous! Try it and see …

Love & flower petals,


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January 1, 2015

2 floral type zero floral type 1 floral type5 floral type

{Blossom Type by Alice Mourou, Dmitriy Petrov, Olesya Korsak and Nikita Schukin.}


What important lessons did you learn last year? Here are a handful of lessons (personal & business) from 2014 whose wisdom I’m carrying into 2015:

It’s just not really possible to help anybody else but yourself – people have to help themselves. Including best friends & lovers from 15 years ago or anyone you have an intensely close relationship with. You can’t help others get enlightened. They have to want it for themselves and work for it. The best thing to do is to simply improve oneself.

Flowerevolution rocks. There are actually quite a few people wanting serious transformation, and willing to face the crap that at times comes-up-to-come-out during the process. There are almost 200 in our first-ever Flowerevolution program (that’s evolution or revolution or both – it’s up to you) and they are incredible! These courageous Flowerevolutionaries are sharing resources, starting new businesses, moving to other states, ending relationships powerfully, starting relationships wholly, creating new paintings, looking at challenges, practicing meditation, experiencing tough emotions and being open to freedom & joy.

Dreams can come true pretty effortlessly. Like a collaboration project with Louie Schwartzberg: a book, supported by Hay House, one of the largest publishers of wisdom, empowerment & healing books. I’m currently on my way into an isolated writing cave … writing about the secret healing power of flowers.

As the business gets bigger, it requires a lot more saying ‘no’. We used to say yes to everything.  Now we simply cannot. This year we’re choosing only the most essential, creative, collaborative projects that will most increase our positive impact in the world and be best for everyone long-term.

I’m bored of being busy. I have a lot to do. Everyone does. But being busy has gotten boring. I don’t want to be busy anymore. I only want to focus on the essential, most powerful & impactful actions.

What about you? What are your top insights of last year that you’re carrying forward?

Love & flower petals,


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