August 12, 2012

Black Bat Flower

I discovered the Black Bat Flower in the Naples Botanical Garden in Naples, Florida. A flower that typically only grows in Southeast Asia, the Black Bat Flower is one of the craziest, most interesting flowers I’ve ever seen.

While gazing deep into the flower, I experienced many strange sensations. The scent is really interesting too – I remember taking a deep inhalation of the flower and then writing down notes to describe it. After the first whiff I literally wrote down “scary … with a softness behind it”. The second time I smelled it, it was just all sweetness and purity. Black Bat helps us face a lot of facets of ourselves that would be scary; that’s part of the reason that it feels a bit funny to stare into the flower.

The color and shape are super intriguing, with two large black bat wing petals reaching out to the sides, with an array of long, skinny string-like ‘whiskers’ coming out from the sides. In Asia, sometimes the flower is called Tiger Whiskers for that reason. In the center of the flower are little black protrusions that, when in full bloom, remind me of an eel with its mouth open and all the teeth bared.

Black Bat 3

I’ve never seen a flower that has elements of so many animals in it: bat (wings), tiger (whiskers), eel (mouth/teeth). I was curious about the symbolism of each animal and how that related to the Doctrine of Signatures. Here’s the summary of my research:

Bat represents seeing through an illusion. They are intuitive, aware, and sensitive to others’ feelings. Bats have strong family ties, and they teach us to love our enemies as ourselves and encourage us to kill our ego.

Tiger represents courage, willpower and personal strength. It also symbolizes the subconscious emotions of anger and fear within you or someone you know.

Eel represents a spiritual transformation so profound that our families may not even recognize us, one that takes us to tremendous depths of our being and helps us overcome great obstacles. Also, we may want to look at the relationship of giving and taking in our lives, as well as review boundaries, finding a healthy balance between tolerance and protecting ourselves.

Black Bat Flower4

Isn’t that interesting? They all seem to emulate a certain aspect of the flower’s teaching. And we’re so lucky to obtain this rare teaching, because the Black Bat flower originates from tropical areas like Burma, China and Thailand and is a very rare flower. It’s even listed on the endangered species list!

It’s a very difficult plant to grow, because it likes consistently moist soil combined with a slight breeze, so they don’t like greenhouses. Plant lovers who have worked with this flower say that it will not adapt to the grower or the growing conditions.

Here’s a quote from a plant lover who spent thousands of dollars buying Black Bat Flowers, trying to keep them alive:

“Bat Flowers do not adapt to how ‘you’ want it to grow … it is not like a peace lily; it will NOT adapt to you. It is not particularly demanding once it is given everything it needs to succeed, like humidity and protection from strong winds, but you must provide Bat Flowers with what they require.”

Black Bat flowers can grow up to three feet tall! It’s a perennial, which means that each plant only lives to be two years old.

A sister species to this flower is pure white, called the White Bat Flower. They are a very rare and expensive flower, costing over $100 per plant!

Black Bat flower

Here’s the scoop on the benefits of the Black Bat Flower Elixir:

Black Bat Flower helps us transform our deepest anger and fears into courage and strength that has a positive impact on everything around us. We only experience wariness of this flower when we’re afraid of the power behind our own anger.

Black Bat Flower’s special quality harnesses the power of anger, and helps us identify and come from the sweetness and purity that drives the anger. It dissolves the violent qualities of anger and transforms it into elegance, or anger that’s purely motivated by fierce compassion and protection of what we love.

We can use our life’s ‘madness’ to promote goodness, and liberating our initial anger response can lead to profound insights, funneling the energy into communication, passion and drive. Anger can be used to get things done, make a stand and be a force for good in the world.

Black Bat Flower wakes up a healthy sense of righteousness in us. It catalyzes right behavior and virtuous accomplishing through bearing our teeth. It awakens fierce compassion and feeling protective of those that we love. This flower has teeth – and the quality of helping us bear our teeth, show our strength and be able to use our ‘grrrr … ‘ in a positive way, to protect and honor ourselves and others.

Black Bat Flower gives us a burst of strength, confidence and the power to propel ourselves forward. It helps us project ourselves and our voice – and awakens our fearlessness and readiness to be our own best advocate and protector and stand up for ourselves and others.

Black Bat Flower5

Black Bat also has a purifying element to its qualities, cleansing and expelling impurities and insecurities. It’s as if it consumes all of the poisons and toxins in your mind. One of my teachers has often said, “Poison cures poison.” Black Bat Flower is a poisonous plant, but its (homeopathically diluted) flower elixir has tremendous detoxing abilities, dissolving dread, fear, worry and emotional debris.

It even cuts through intense fears and panic like paranoia, phobias, fear of being seen, watched or exposed, fear of going crazy and fear of spiders and snakes. It also dissolves fear of public speaking and speaking up.

Black Bat awakens a positive, productive ferocity, which makes it a good flower elixir for new mothers, to develop protective strength and eliminate fear and insecurities around being a mother.

This flower is indicated for when experiencing the ‘dark night of the soul’ or our deepest fears and obsessions. It is a helpful elixir for hospice, as it can be indicated during transitions, especially if the person transitioning is experiencing a great deal of fear, panic or high stress.

Black Bat Flower protects from entities and negative external influences, making it a powerful elixir for cleansing energetic saturation that occurs as a result of being around lots of people, talking and listening a lot and shaking lots of hands and hugging as in social or professional situations.

Experience the magic of Black Bat!

Black Bat Flower Elixir

{Magnifies} Strength, confidence, gives you a burst of strength, power to propel yourself forward; power to project your voice forward; allows you to project yourself and your voice to be bigger; courage, lion heart, fearlessness; readiness to take on the world; allows you to be your best advocate and protector and stand up for yourself; transform fear and anger; wakes up fierce compassion, protective anger and positive ferocity; transforms anger into a motivation of protection and fierce compassion; helps you see insights behind the anger, and liberate its energy into communication, investigation and motivation.

{Dissolves} Feeling like you’re being watched;  fear of being seen, exposed or fear of losing it; fears of going crazy; paranoia, terror, fear in general, phobias, fear of spiders and snakes, fear of speaking, being, doing; Indicated for ‘dark night of the soul’, transforms deepest fears and terror; expels physical and mental toxins, has a purifying element; indicated for time of death if someone has a great deal of fear, panic, obsession or high stress; expels impurities and insecurities; eliminates dread or worry.

Love + flower petals,





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