May 3, 2017


Our intention for the Pink Moon Flowerlounge Tour was that it be just as transformative for us as the participants … that we would move through blocks + obstacles, expand individually as well as collectively + accelerate our personal growth.

That wish came true.

And our downtime was just as memorable + profound as the Flowerlounges:

Dancing anywhere, everywhere … in coffeeshops, juice shops, even the streets of NYC – so liberating!

Sitting snuggled up on the couch together in Philly with no heat

Laughing hysterically + revealing our true selves to each other

Going salsa dancing in Philly together

Soaking + sweating together in Korean Bathhouses in Philly + NYC – being naked was such a metaphor for the trip … stripping away pretenses + really being ourselves

Sitting around the table in our various Airbnb’s having meals together

Road trip ~ listening to music, chatting, joking

Splitting up + going our own ways in NYC ~ each of us going to meet friends, family, explore the city + watch the pink moon rise

Being utterly vulnerable + real with each other

Total surrender to life’s craziness – the beauty + poignancy of it all

The love + space + honesty + directness + patience everyone had with each other

What was most inspiring from the team:

– all of our commitment to total authenticity

– everyone was so totally themselves

– cherishing the good, brilliant, bad, ugly, crazy, teary, softie, all of it

At the last flower offering, right before heading to the airport, we were all sort of speechless + floating in the magic of each other.

Want to join us on our next adventures? Tickets for the Thunder Moon Flowerlounge now on sale!

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carolyn parrs

Sending love from Santa Fe, New Mexico — soon to be Seattle, Washington. Wanted to share this awesome video on FB but your FB link didn’t work. 🙁 Thank you anyway for all you do!
XOXO Carolyn Parrs



Hi Carolyn! Wow, Seattle, that’s a big move! Hope to see you at the Seattle Flowerlounge! <3



I love this so very much. How do you watch this without welding up in tears! 🙂 It’s a beautiful alchemy of the joy and connection you all shine together. Not to mention incredibly inspiring. Thank you for the dedication and blessings you bestow to these cities and communities!



Christina, Thank you so much for deeply understanding + feeling the true motivation behind what we do! <3


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