Activate: Playfulness
Message: Be silly.
African Daisy is a hardy flower native to South Africa, commonly found in garden landscaping and cheerful flower pots. If you’re attracted to the African Daisy, you may have recently felt like you have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders, and that you do not have time for fun. This flower elixir dissolves excessive seriousness when we find ourselves too busy or stressed for humor and play. It promotes joy and helps us understand that play is not frivolous but full of curiosity and wonder – if we move closer to what brings us joy it often leads us to our special abilities, talents + full potential.

Activate: Deep peace
Message: You are supported.
Lupines are one of the hardiest plants around and they are team players – they support other plants and the environment. Like pioneer plants, they survive and nourish barren lands, increasing nutrients and nitrogen in the soil in order to support more life. If you’re attracted to the Arctic Lupine flower, you’ve got a lot going on! You’re juggling too much at once, or may be in transition with lots of change occurring in your life. Arctic Lupine enhances an experience of deep inner peace and calm. It gives us a sense of support, comfort and protection, which helps us feel secure enough to expand into who we truly are.

Activate: Unwavering determination
Message: Make the impossible possible.
Bamboo is a fast-growing tree-like ‘grass’, with some species growing 2-3 feet per day! Bamboo is used in Asia for building materials, because it is as strong as steel. If you’re drawn to Bamboo, you may be planning a big project or about to engage in something that challenges you. Bamboo elixir magnifies strength, determination and power. It also enhances focus, clarity and awareness, so you can accomplish what you set out to do. It dissolves fears and non- constructive enmeshment with others. It strengthens the “I can do it” attitude and helps you make the impossible possible.

Activate: Spacious mind
Message: Slow down a little.
Banana Blossoms explode out of the top of the banana tree as a gorgeous pink and purple bud that hangs down, called an inflorescence. Little white and yellow flowers hide under each section of the purple inflorescence, and these are what ultimately turn into bananas. If you’re attracted to the Banana blossom, you likely feel like you’re always on the go – rushed or worried about making deadlines. This elixir dissolves fears of not being able to do something within a specific time limit and gives us confidence in our ability to achieve our utmost priorities, simultaneously helping us feel more at east, stable, peaceful, and honest with ourselves and others about our progress. When we slow down a little – enough to let the pressure subside – and we can be ourselves and in tune, euphoria and effortlessness arise.

ActiVate: Hidden potential
Message: Uncover your secret talents.
The Banana Yucca plant grows all over the desert landscape in the American Southwest. When it blooms, the stalk shoots up from the middle of the plant with dozens of exquisite creamy white flowers that hang down like bells, with a stamen in the center that forms a star. If you’re drawn to the Banana Yucca, you may have secret talents or abilities that you are not even aware of. You may have a big vision, but not understand fully how it will all play out. Banana Yucca elixirs brings hidden talents to the surface. It dissolves insecurities around our capabilities and enhances our ability to make unexpected leaps and bounds in our progress toward reaching our goals. You may surprise yourself with what you’re capable of!

Activate: Hope
Message: Be still.
Bee Balm, also known as Horsemint, belongs to the mint family and is a flowering scented herb that is native to the United States. The flower petals are purple and white with beautiful polka- dots on them. If you’re drawn to the Bee Balm flower, you may recently have had a traumatic experience. If not, there may be trauma from the past that still affects you on some level, even if you’re not conscious of it. The Bee Balm flower elixir soothes the intense stress that occurs as a result of traumatic experiences and helps us adjust to any kind of change or transition that disturbs the natural balance in our lives. It inspires hope and compassion and allows us to focus and be more light-hearted.

Activate: Connection
Message: Quiet your mind.
The Bird of Paradise flower resembles an actual bird of the same name. The flower has 3 to 5 orange petals with 2 to 3 rich blue petals, and is pollinated by a beautiful jewel-toned bird called the sun bird. If you’re attracted to this flower, you likely come up with a ton of great ideas, but sometimes those ideas never stop, exhausting you. You may experience monkey mind or loops of thoughts that make you less effective or cause you to stay awake at night. The Bird of Paradise elixir helps us have a more meditative state of mind by bringing energy from the head down into the heart. Instead of processing intellectually, we become more open to creative solutions and right brain thinking. It helps us operate from observation or experience rather than what we think. As a result, we feel more connected to everything around us.

Activate: Fierce compassion
Message: Advocate for yourself + others.
Black Bat Flower is an exotic, ferocious-looking flower native to Southeast Asia. The color and shape are intriguing, with two large blackish-purple bat wing petals reaching out to the sides and an array of long, skinny ‘whiskers’ cascading down. If you’re attracted to the Black Bat Flower, you may be adapting too much – going with the flow too often – when what’s necessary is for you to speak your mind and state your case clearly. Black Bat Flower elixir gives us a burst of strength, confidence and the power to propel ourselves forward. It transforms fear and anger into fierce compassion and awakens our fearlessness and readiness to be our own best advocate and stand up for ourselves and others. It also has a cleansing quality, clearing emotional and energetic debris.

Activate: Boundless love
Message: True love is unconditional.
The Bodhi Tree is a fig tree that is sacred to practitioners of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism, since Bodhi means “awakening” or “ enlightenment.” The Bodhi Tree is a symbol for enlightened body, speech and mind, and the leaves are shaped like a heart. If you’re attracted to the Bodhi Tree, you may be wishing to express your love more deeply, or you may be yearning to fuel your spiritual connection. The Bodhi Tree elixir catalyzes an all-encompassing love that pacifies negative emotions. It magnifies patience and the ability to accept others as they are and awakens devotion and a deeper experience of spiritual connection. It helps us embrace life as it is, perceiving the sacredness woven into the fabric of everyday life.

Activate: Ease
Message: Let go & let loose.
Also known as Angel’s Trumpet, the luminescent Brugmansia flower belongs to the poisonous nightshade family, and all parts of the plant are poisonous. More than endangered, this flower is listed as extinct in the wild and now grows only where cultivated. If you’re attracted to this flower, you likely work very hard, but may overwork yourself. The Brugmansia flower elixir is for those occasions when we find ourselves tending toward workaholism – it helps us let go and let loose, inspiring a deep experience of calm and as a result, better sleep. It encourages us to problem solve, find creative solutions, and delegate when necessary.

Activate: Simplicity
Message: Cheer up.
Chocolate daisies are an edible flower – if you pluck the stamen and put it in your mouth, you’ll delight in the flavor of unsweetened chocolate! If you’re attracted to this flower, you may be yearning for simplicity. You likely have a current project that feels complicated or overwhelming, and may feel mentally cramped. The Chocolate Daisy flower elixir helps untie knots and get us unstuck from the paralysis or confusion of over-complication. Keeping things simple results in mental spaciousness that elicits spontaneity and joy.

Activate: Relaxation
Message: Dissolve tension.
Dandelions grow all over the world and most people have positive childhood memories associated with them. All parts of the plant are edible and can be used for making nutritive tonics, bitter green dishes, and even a delicious wine! If you’re visually attracted to the Dandelion flower, you may be experiencing neck and shoulder tension or knots in your upper body. The dandelion flower elixirs helps us identify how we store stress and tension in the body and allows us to release it. It’s a powerful elixir for clearing static and accumulated stress from our muscles.

Activate: Freedom from extremes
Message: Shift the paradigm.
Date Palm Trees are dioecious, which means that some trees are female and some are male. The male tree has enormous clusters of flowers that do not produce fruit but are loaded with pollen. Winds blow the pollen from the male trees onto the female trees, resulting in pollination. If it weren’t for the wind and its beautiful pollen-filled breezes, we would not have luscious dates to snack on! If you’re drawn to the Date flower, you may be going to an extreme in your way of thinking in a particular area of your life, taking on an approach that’s either too rigid or too loose. The Date Palm flower elixir is for thinking outside the box, expanding your paradigm and re- thinking the way you’ve done things. It dissolves rigid ways of thinking and helps you find middle grounds instead of going to extremes. It helps you connect more deeply to others while maintaining an awareness of your own needs. It also inspires a sense of euphoria, timelessness and freedom.

Activate: Intuition
Message: Be decisive.
Euphrasia grows in alpine meadows where it snows in the wintertime. Also known as Eyebright, this plant is known for healing eye infections, and from a distance, the flower looks like an eye with long eyelashes as petals! If you’re attracted to Euphrasia, you may be feeling indecisive or have found yourself in a state of self-doubt lately. Euphrasia flower elixir helps us trust ourselves by facilitating clear seeing and acting – without hesitation – from that “knowing” place inside us. It also heightens awareness + enhances psychic or intuitive abilities.

Activate: Wild creativity
Message. Think outside the box.
Different from your average orchid, Epidendrums are unique in that they can grow anywhere; on air, in a garden, and even on rocks at high altitude. If you’re attracted to the Fire Star Orchid, you are likely a person who values being on the cutting edge, and you are often ahead of the curve. At times, however, you may be shy or timid about going out on a limb and sharing your ideas, because you know they will break cultural norms or established ways of doing things. Fire Star Orchid elixir gives us a solid foundation of courage and supports us in fearlessly expressing our creative ideas, making suggestions when the timing is right and standing behind them.

Activate: Recovery
Message: Forgive someone now.
Fireweed is a special flower that heals environments, animals, and people after traumatic or disruptive situations; such as a forest fire or new freeway. It’s a beautiful flower with bright pink and magenta flowers that look like a heart of a butterfly. If you’re attracted to the Fireweed flower, you may have a heartache, painful experience, or trauma that is affecting you, either from a recent experience or from long ago. Fireweed flower elixir heals the heart. It transforms painful experiences by dissolving the emotion around them, leaving only the lessons learned. It enhances our ability to navigate painful situations with strength and grace and strengthens our capacity to love and forgive ourselves and others.

Activate: Shift in perception
Message: Transform your weaknesses into strengths.
The intoxicating scent of the Gardenia flower is beloved by many. Commonly used in many cultures as an adornment, a sacred offering or infused into a scented body oil, the Gardenia flower elixir catalyzes a process of transformation. It helps us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and inspires us to see the beauty of our ‘shadow side’ or what we consider our weaknesses. Just as there’s strength in vulnerability, Gardenia helps us see how all aspects of ourselves are human and beautiful.

Activate: Lightheartedness & lightness
Message: Free your mind.
The exotic Giant Spider Lily is native to Southeast Asia and has a powdery sweet floral aroma that rivals the most fragrant flowers in a tropical garden. As a poisonous flower, the Spider Lily cannot be used for cooking or making an essential oil, but as an essence, the greatest attribute of this elixir is ‘light’. If you’re drawn to the Giant Spider Lily, you may be craving a sense of freedom, weightlessness and effortlessness. Giant Spider Lily flower elixir shines light into our blind spots, illuminating areas of our life that are stagnant or in need of fresh energy. When we experience heaviness or feel burdened, it also helps us feel ‘light’ as a feather, weightless, unfettered and free.

Activate: Fearless speech
Message: Speak your mind.
In Australia, Grevillea flowers are known as ‘bush lollies,’ or lollipops of the wild bush, because the flower is filled with sweet nectar. As yummy as it sounds, nowadays it is not recommended to drink the nectar directly from the flowers, as some of the cultivars contain toxins. If you’re attracted to the Grevillea flower, you may have a tendency to hold back your words for fear of hurting someone’s feelings or appearing too brash or direct. Grevillea flower elixir gives us the courage to speak up and say directly things that we would usually hold back. It eradicates the habit of hesitation and gives us the ability to deliver a clear message. When we’re able to freely communicate and express our truth, we can cut to the chase, evolve our relationships faster, and feel more authentic in everyday interactions.

Activate: Softness of character
Message: Soft is transformative.
Hollyhocks belong to the Mallow family, in which every plant has leaves that are soft and fuzzy and all parts of the plant are edible. They grow very tall and in all the colors of the warm spectrum, including magenta, red, orange, yellow and even dark maroon to black. They are best planted along a wall or near bushes where they’ll accent your garden space with vertical rows of flowers. If you’re attracted to the Hollyhock flower you may be dealing with a challenging relationship that has left you feeling irritated, powerless, or worried about being betrayed or left behind. Hollyhock flower elixir helps us recognize that we have the power to transform our relationships through gentleness. Instead of being irritable and on the defensive, it helps us be softer in character and more understanding. In situations where there is fear of betrayal, Hollyhock enhances confidence in ourselves and magnifies trust and unconditional love for others.

Activate: Self-acceptance
Message: Express yourself.
A tree flower rather than a real orchid, the Hong Kong Orchid is the national flower of Hong Kong. The flowering tree is sterile and does not produce seeds or fruit. The only way to propagate the tree is the cultivate it through grafting. The buds, leaves, and flowers and exquisite, as if seducing us to help them procreate. If you’re attracted to the Hong Kong Orchid, you likely have high standards. They may make you hard on yourself, or reluctant to be exposed to the world in a way that would make you vulnerable. This flower elixir encourages us to fully accept and love all parts of ourselves. It helps us feel comfortable in our own skin, and at ease with the deepest essence of who we are.

Activate: Presence
Message: Go for it!
The Jade Succulent, also known as the friendship tree, money tree, or lucky tree, is native to South Africa and is a common houseplant. The luscious green succulent leaves are tinged bright orange from the sun and flowers look like exploding pinkish-white stars. If you’re attracted to the Jade Succulent flower, there is something inside you that wants to come out. You may be shy, withholding information or hesitating about bringing forward a talent or new idea. Alternatively, you may be feeling fatigued, weak, or generally low in vitality. Jade Succulent flower elixir helps bring whatever we are shy about to the surface. It eliminates hesitation and infuses us with a refreshing intensity. It recharges our chi and enhances our poise, so that when we walk into a room, we make a strong impression on others with our mere presence.

Activate: Self-appreciation
Message: You are beautiful.
Walking by the Night-Blooming Jasmine plant at night, you’re enveloped in a heady cloud of beautiful floral scent that fills up every pore of your being with moonlight magic. Both edible and exquisitely fragrant, the Jasmine flower is used for perfumery, in food & beverages, and in many sacred ceremonies all over the world. If you’re attracted to the Jasmine flower you may be shy and want to express more confidence. Jasmine flower elixir helps us appreciate our own unique beauty. It enhances the radiance of the face and heart area, and helps us focus on inner beauty, instead of judging ourselves solely on our physical appearance.

Activate: Flexibility
Message: Adapt quickly to changes.
Lilacs only bloom for a short time in the early spring, when the days are finally growing warmer after the cold winter and excitement of springtime is in the air. If you’re attracted to the Lilac flower, you may be clinging to things being a certain way. There may be areas in your life in which you’ve become controlling, or rigid in your ideas. The Lilac flower elixir is all about embodying flexibility, freedom and non-attachment in all areas of your life, including relationships, career business, dreams and life in general. It helps you embrace change and discover how freeing it is to let go and/or let everything be as it is without wishing for it to change. By releasing control, rigid ideas and attachments, we are more open to bigger and better opportunities.

Activate: Acceptance
Message: Fall in love with what is.
Mandevilla blooms in pink, red, white and yellow varieties and loves warmer climates. The flowers on the vine start out as oversize pink buds that are tightly curled into a spiral pattern and can be trained to grow up a trellis or garden wall. If you’re attracted to the Mandevilla flower, you may recently have felt a twinge of fear or discomfort at the prospect of losing something. The Mandevilla flower elixir helps us feel secure in the love that we possess inside us, rather than needing something from the outside to feel complete or whole. It helps us to be profoundly at peace with the way things are, without wanting to change them or wishing for another outcome. It opens us up to being more present with what is, dissolving attachment and fear of loss.

Activate: Spontaneity
Message: Spice up your life.
Everything about the Nasturtium is to be adored: the brightly-colored petals, the elegant leaves that are shaped like miniature lily pads and its fierce whimsical essence with a touch of fierceness. If you’re attracted to the Nasturtium flower, you may feel that life has become too routine, plain or ordinary. When life begins to feel routine, boring or bland, Nasturtium flowers spice up life! The Nasturtium flower elixir enhances joy and contentment, and makes us feel like we’re in the right place at the right time. It enhances spontaneity, highlights our strengths and helps us refine our unique way of being. Dancing to our own beat never felt so good!

Activate: Sweetness
Message: You’re among friends.
The Nectarine is so loveable, with its beautiful craggy limbs, gorgeous flowers and sweet juicy fruits. The blossoms have a delicate quality similar to cherry blossoms, but the flowers are larger and hardier. If you’re attracted to the Nectarine Blossom, you may be experiencing low- level annoyance, or feel that the energy in your environment is inflammatory, aggressive, or uncomfortable. Nectarine Blossom flower elixir magnifies tolerance, affection and thoughtfulness, enhancing the desire to be of service and perform random acts of kindness. It softens our character and brings out our good intentions and makes us feel like we are among friends.

Activate: Fearlessness
Message: Take the leap!
The exquisite Night-Blooming Cereus blooms only one night each year, usually on a full or new moon in the springtime, and by midmorning has already begun to wilt. At about 9 or 10p.m., it starts unfolding its creamy white petals and its intoxicating fragrance. Inside the shimmery, feather-like petals are green and yellow pollen-filled stamens that are pollinated by sphinx moths. If you’re attracted to the Night Blooming Cereus, on some level you’re yearning to make a huge leap in your personal growth. There may be fears or self-limiting patterns that will need to be worked through, however, as you make that leap. The Night-Blooming Cereus flower elixir encourages you to take a big leap toward your full potential or elevate what you’re working on in a big way. It purges any subconscious fears or limitations that might have previously held you back. Embrace the right timing and go after what you want!

Activate: Receptivity
Message: Gentle is powerful.
There are 3 different kinds of Papaya trees: male, female, and hermaphrodite. The males produce starlike flowers; the female gorgeous flowers that look like fallopian tubes. Whereas the female tree needs the male tree’s pollen in order to produce fruits, the hermaphrodite tree can self-pollinate. If you’re attracted to the Papaya Flower, you may be exerting a lot of effort and overextending yourself. You may feel the desire to collaborate instead of compete, yet find it difficult to accept help. The Papaya flower plays a special role in helping our planet recognize the power in being tender, authentic and collaborative. As we enter into a time of increasing female leadership, Papaya flower elixir prepares our collective consciousness for honoring the feminine just as much as the masculine (in both men and women). It teaches us how to flourish by attaining a healthy balance of both yin and yang qualities in ourselves and our culture, and assists in clarifying compatibility in relationships.

Activate: Healing sleep
Message: Rest more.
Passionflower is a vine and each flower blooms for only one day. Some of the passionflower vines have delicious edible fruits, and for many centuries the leaves of Passionflower were traditionally infused as a medicinal tea for insomnia and epilepsy. If you’re attracted to the Passionflower, you may have felt like you’re moving so fast you’re not operating on all cylinders. You may be overworking, or on the go so much that your nerves are frazzled. The Passionflower elixir helps us let go of mental chatter, stress, and thinking too much and too fast. It encourages deep sleep, and facilitates the effortless resolution of issues on a subconscious level through slumber.

Activate: Magnetism
Message: Attract abundance.
The Peony Flower grows up as round little buds that secrete a sweet nectar, attracting ants – before they bloom into huge, exquisite blossoms. If you’re drawn to the Peony flower, you may be overextending yourself or overworking. In the process of making big goals happen, sometimes you may push too hard when a softer approach might be more effective. Peony flower elixir enhances your magnetism, so you attract both people and opportunities. It inspires a feeling of loveliness, lusciousness and abundance. It catalyzes an experience of profound gratitude for the beauty of life.

Activate: Divine wisdom
Message: Look within.
Considered a sacred symbol of purity and enlightenment in Asia, the Lotus flower is native to the Asian tropics, and typically grows in marshy, swampy areas. The blossoms are huge and fragrant, and they instantly make you feel energized and alive, yet supremely relaxed. The leaves are gigantic, some of them resting on the surface of the water, with dragonflies zooming around, others growing and curling up toward the sky. If you’re attracted to the Pink Lotus flower, you either live by or yearn for a spiritual path and way of life. The Pink Lotus flower is a catalyst, which refers to any botanical, herb, or flower that strengthens the overall effectiveness and synergy of the other remedies they are formulated with. The muddy swamp where the Lotus grows is akin to the craziness of daily life – and we can use that chaos to wake up and bloom into our purest self. We can use the wildness of our own minds to refine ourselves over time into more compassionate, loving beings.

Activate: Self-care
Message: Take exquisite care of yourself.
The Pink Magnolia tree is enchanting; its blossoms look like large pink cups making offerings to the sky. It is a tree for the modern times; because it can tolerate atmospheric pollution, it is the perfect tree for urban living. As larger populations move into cities around the world, this tree supports us even in polluted environments. If you’re attracted to the Pink Magnolia flower, you may be experiencing a period in which you’re giving all of your time, energy, and love to others, while forgetting to take care of yourself. The Pink Magnolia flower elixir helps us give ourselves a break and value our needs just as much as everyone else’s, without perceiving that as selfish. Making time to recharge is vital for maintaining our ability to give to others, and Pink Magnolia encourages us to make time for self-care.

Activate: Rapid growth
Message: Make it effortless.
The Pink Primrose flower is native to the Southwest and Mexico. The pastel pink flowers bloom in the evening and nighttime, and close when the sun’s rays are the strongest during the day. What’s most amazing about this flower is how prolifically it grows. Despite how delicate the flowers look, when the plant gets water, it springs up fast and is strong and hardy, growing in dry, rocky, and nutrient-poor soil. If you’re attracted to the Pink Primrose, you may have a big project that you’re teeing up or a big vision of what’s possible is in your future. When this is the case, subconscious fears often arise in the form of a subtle resistance, distraction, or procrastination, or the project starts to feel like “work.” The Pink Primrose elixir helps to prepare us for rapid growth and expansion (internally, as in personal growth – or externally, as in your career or creative growth). Primrose helps us identify any areas of disharmony in our lives, so we can eliminate them or remove bumps in the road that would become bigger obstacles down the line.

Activate: Laughter
Message: Let your inner child play.
The Pink Spirea flower looks like one flowerific party. The tiny pink petals and stamens look as if they are exploding with joy. If you’re drawn to the Pink Spirea flower, you may be feeling a bit serious, down, or stressed. Or you may even feel tired of the seriousness of life and wish for a little more fun. The Pink Spirea flower elixir heals old wounds of the heart and fills the heart with joy. It dissolves excessive seriousness and heaviness and encourages our inner child to to come out and play, stimulating laughter and lightheartedness. Laughter and play are important for creativity, productivity, and overall well-being. Laughter loosens up the body, releases endorphins, and helps us relax and recharge. Laughter heals our hearts.

Activate: Strength
Message: Detox and re-energize.
The Pomegranate flower has bright orange petals with waxy, coral-colored, triangular sepals in between the petals. The flower transforms into a yellow or red fruit with seeds that are sweet or tart, and are used for making juice + adding a pop of flavor to yummy dishes. If you’re attracted to the Pomegranate flower, you may either be doing a lot of creative projects, requiring extra creative energy, or feel slightly stuck and blocked, needing an electric jolt of creative juice to give you strength so you don’t peter out. When we find ourselves dragging, fatigued, or needing more vitality to get us through the day, Pomegranate flower elixir offers a gentle cleansing of the body, strengthening the body’s natural detoxification systems and ridding the body and energetic system of toxins and irritants. It also activates our creative juices, giving us a creative boost of energy.

Activate: Focus
Message: Get it done.
The Red Bird of Paradise is a fiery gem. The flowers look like exploding orchids, bursting open into flames of orange, red, and yellow. The electric-red stamens reach out in long beautiful strands, and the leaves range from the deepest greens to blue. It flourishes in intense environments like the Sonoran desert, where the summertime temperatures can rise over 115 degrees! Instead of withering, it channels the hot sun and unfurls into a passionate display of floral fire. If you’re drawn to the Red Bird of Paradise, there may be something on your to-do list that you’ve been avoiding. Even though it may be high priority and important to you, you find yourself procrastinating. Red Bird of Paradise elixir motivates and inspires us to get things done. It fills us with passion and drive, and makes projects that we’ve previously put off effortless to finish. It dissolves struggle and resistance and helps us act with ease.

Activate: Fresh perspective
Message: Hit the refresh button.
The Hibiscus flower is in the Mallow family, and this variety is also known as the “Chinese rose” or “Chinese hibiscus.” It comes in many colors, usually warm colors like yellow, orange, red and pink. It is beloved in gardening and landscaping for its bright colors and swirling shapes. If you’re drawn to the Red Hibiscus, you may have recently experienced a series of stressful events. You might feel exhausted by emotional stress, having had “one thing after another” occur. Hibiscus flower elixir helps us regain hope and experience relief after a string of stressful events. It brings in light at the end of the tunnel, supports us in recognizing how these situations contribute to our personal growth, and allows us to start anew with a fresh perspective.

Activate: Compassion
Message: Be kind to yourself.
The name of the Rhododendron comes from a Greed work meaning “rose tree,” and this plant is known for its clusters of bright-colored flowers. There are about 1,000 different species of the Rhododendron, found mainly from the Himalayas to Southeast Asia, while some some are found on the West Coast in North America or the Appalachian mountains. If you’re attracted to this Pink Rhododendron, it may be time to practice compassion with yourself. You may have felt out of place, unprotected or vulnerable. Or you may be feeling lonely or having doubts about someone’s love for you. The quality of the Rhododendron flower is like being inside a big soft pink cloud of love and comfort. It helps you treat yourself with more compassion and genuine care. The Rhododendron flower elixir embodies the rich warmth, love and understanding like that which a mother has for her child. It is stable, enduring, unconditional love that dissolves fear and loneliness. This elixir strengthens all kinds of relationships, and helps you feel included and valued.

Activate: Tenderness
Message: Nurture yourself.
Rose is one of the most popular and beloved flowers in the world. The scent of Rose is soothing and to some intoxicating, with love-inducing effects. Its essential oil is one of the most expensive and sought-after oils. The distillation process requires at least 60 Roses in order to get just one drop of precious Rose oil! If you’re attracted to the Rose, you may need some extra love and comfort. One of the best flowers for healing the heart, Rose cools the temper and triggers forgiveness, healing emotional wounds and scars. It magnifies unconditional love and tenderness and inspires us to nurture and care for ourselves and others. The Rose elixir softens our hard edges, enhances compassion and promotes a gentle strength.

Activate: Conviction
Message: Ask for what you want.
The Royal Poinciana flower grows on huge gorgeous trees with bright green fern-like leaves in tropical areas. Also called the Flame Tree, these prolifically flowering trees are sprinkled across the island of Bermuda, appearing like fiery, flaming trees. If you’re attracted to the Royal Poinciana flower, there may be times that you keep quiet or settle for less than exactly what you want. Royal Poinciana flower elixir provides an infusion of confidence, conviction, and certitude. It encourages you to ask for exactly what you want, while knowing you deserve it. Dissolving shyness or timidity, it helps you think big, be bold, feel clear about what you want and go after it.

Activate: Confidence
Message: It’s time to shine.
Silk Floss is a native tree to South America. Its flowers are magenta, with a creamy center and a huge pistil popping out of the center. The blossoms are large, about the size of your hand, and one of the only pollinators successful with this flower is the monarch butterfly.
If you find yourself attracted to the Silk Floss flower, you may be in a new situation that is making you feel out of your element or uncomfortable in your own skin. Silk Floss elixir enhances our ability to be at ease in our own skin, no matter what situation we are in. It dissolves shame, embarrassment, or awkwardness, and helps us embrace our uniqueness, fully accept ourselves and shine.

Activate: Liberation
Message: Feel free in your body.
A delicacy in Mexican cuisine, Squash Blossoms are a beautiful edible flower. The female blossoms turn into zucchini squashes and the male flowers fall off the plan. If you have a zucchini squash plant you can pick the male flowers for cooking (male flowers are farther away from the stem). If you’re attracted to the Squash Blossom, you may feel creatively stagnant,shut down, or blocked. A subtle resistance may be preventing you from tapping into your usual innovative ideas. The Squash Blossom elixir liberates our creative energy, promoting a prolific imagination that leaves us inspired and able to inspire others. It also balances a woman’s reproductive system, enhances fertility and regularizes menstrual cycles. Squash Blossom also catalyzes a healthy expression of sensuality and sexuality, allowing us to feel free in our bodies.

Activate: Optimism
Message: Expect the best.
Strawberry blossoms are white or pink, and the flowers are edible – but of course if you eat the flower, you won’t get the delicious red juicy fruit! If you’re attracted to the Strawberry blossom, you may feel like you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. You may notice your mind making up scenarios about the future and expecting the worst outcome. Now imagine the feeling we get, in the forest or garden, when we see a strawberry patch full of ripe strawberries. It’s like a miracle! We feel so lucky. That sense of good fortune is the feeling that Strawberry blossom imparts. It dissolves the habit of expecting or preparing for the worst, and gives us a fresh outlook, a sense that anything is possible. It cuts through pessimism, worry, and negative thoughts and helps us have deeper understanding of ourselves and our infinite possibilities for personal growth.

Activate: Effortless speech
Message: Free your voice.
Trumpet Vine has little tendrils that grab onto anything and climb up walls. Bees buzz in and out of the flowers, and hummingbirds zoom through space, poking their long slender beaks into the trumpets for nectar. The flowers open their mouths in song with voluptuous, caricature-like lips. If you’re attracted to the Trumpet Vine, you may be struggling to speak with ease. You may feel blocked in the throat or hesitant in your speech. Trumpet Vine flower elixir dissolves blockages and self-limiting patterns regarding speech and communication. It cuts through fears of speaking up, while magnifying our ability to speak freely about what’s inside us, even if it’s a difficult conversation.It also helps us develop and refine our singing voice. It enhances our comfort with being heard and being seen by other people, and even by large audiences.

Activate: Spiritual fulfillment
Message: You are divine.
The Magnolia tree flower is so old that it was alive before the bees appeared, with some fossils identified to be over 95 million years old! If you feel attracted to Magnolia, you may feel like something in your life is changing in a big way. There may be a natural process that’s happening in your life that you are fighting, or you may be experiencing fear of losing something that’s important to you. Like the Lotus, White Magnolia embodies ancient wisdom and is a catalyst flower elixir, strengthening the effectiveness and synergy of all other botanical remedies with which it’s combined. This special elixir inspires us to look beyond the obvious and see what’s deeper. White Magnolia helps us experience profound peace and spiritual fulfillment and awakens the part of us that is all knowing and aware of divine timing.

Activate: Awareness
Message: Sharpen your senses.
With the beautiful colors and magic carpet pads that float on the water’s surface, the White Water Lily transforms tea-colored ponds into a kaleidoscopic paradise. Water Lilies are one of the oldest aquatic plants, and some Water Lily fossils have leaf pads that are four feet wide! If you’re drawn to the White Water Lily, you may feel as if there are invisible walls around you, preventing you from really seeing. This flower’s message: sharpen your senses. The elixir has the effect of bringing us into a world of deeper sensitivity. It enhances an inner stillness that expands our ability to feel deeply connected to others through compassion and synchronicity. Water Lily magnifies clarity and helps us feel more in tune by transforming our ordinary perception into seeing the magic of the world we live.

Activate: Recharge
Message: Do a digital detox.
Yarrow flowers are highly fragrant clusters of tiny white flowers with bright yellow centers. It is a favorite flower flower butterfly gardens; butterflies love it! If you’re attracted to Yarrow, you may find yourself working long hours on the computer and cell phone, which may cause fatigue and drain your energy levels. You may also be experiencing a lack of vitality from traveling long distances by plane from exposure to the natural radiation in the upper atmosphere, or from other kinds of radiation exposure, such as cancer treatments or nuclear reactor sites. Yarrow flower elixir cleanses the body’s natural energetic field of the static and fatigue that occur after spending long hours in front of any kind of electronic screen or after exposure to subtle forms of radiation. Yarrow also clears the excess or foreign energies that build up in the energetic field from urban life, being around a lot of people, and excessive physical contact with others, such as shaking hands or hugging. Detoxing our energetic field helps us access our body’s natural clarity and vitality.

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Spritz your wrists, heart, hair, neck. Blend together and inhale.


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