October 29, 2012

Coming soon … within less than a month we’ll be launching an iPad & iPhone app. It’s very cool!

There are three sections in the app:


Look at images of flowers, colors and gemstones and choose your favorite ones from 6 different screens. At the end you’ll get a personalized flower reading that explains what it all means (you’re always attracted to what you need most). Based on your choices, it will recommend which flower essence blend to start with first. We also have several exquisite spas using it as a tool to determine what massage or spa treatment you need most.


This section is for people who already have a product or two and want to track their results and see what effects the flower essences are having on them. Transformation is a gallery where you can take and store your before-and-after photographs and do comparisons to see how your face has changed (we find that most people who first start to take flower essences see a pretty remarkable change in their faces within one month).

Insights is a journal section, similar to the Apple ‘notes’ app that comes with every iPhone or iPad (my favorite! I use it all the time). But with this one you get to choose between two different backgrounds to write on … a huge gorgeous white lotus or a vibrant green lotus leaf. Oftentimes when you’re using flower essences regularly you’ll notice that you get insights or have a deeper understanding of something going on in your life–you can jot those insights down in this section.

Flower power has flower essence blend-specific surveys that you can opt to get reminders to take every day, week or month–it takes 3 seconds or less to move the togles towards which mood you are experiencing, very simple. At the end of the month, you get a line graph showing your results.


If you’ve ever been at a party or an event with me, you know I have a knack of taking out a little bag and having people pick special messages. There are over 100 different little messages … kinda like a fortune cookie without the cookie. Somehow people pick exactly the ones that mean something to them. I like to do this in the elevator too … when it gets a little awkward or quiet, I whip out the bag of special messages to make people smile and feel more connected.

On the home page of the app, each time you touch the button Special Message, it randomly pulls from over 100 special messages. Now everyday you can pop out your phone and see what message you get.  If you like it, you can screenshot it and share it on facebook.

Can’t wait until it’s ready! Right now our team is crunching code as fast as possible–we’ll let you know as soon as it’s available for download on Apple’s app store!

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Hi Katie,
I just watched your new video! WOW!!! It was stunning! I'm also super excited for your new app to come out! But even more than that . . . I can't wait to get back home to Phoenix for the holidays so that I can stock up on all of my fave products that I'm running low on!

So much love!


Katie Hess

Hi Jeana! Thanks for your feedback and support! Are you in Guam? Looking forward to seeing you! Katie



Brilliant! I am doing a happy dance and celebrating over here….LOVE!


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SUPER AMAZING MARVELOUS iPAD & iPHONE APP!!!! Can’t wait to use this apps in my iPAD & iPHONE as well. I hope I will enjoy more with this iPAD & iPHONE APP! Thanks for this news!!!!!!!!!


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Thanks for letting us know that you are launching iPAD & iPHONE APP. Yeah, Can not way a single moment to use this apps in my iPAD and iphone. Just waiting hardly…….. 🙂


Fun Facts

Looks like a outstanding iPAD & iPHONE APP you are going to launch! This seems to me that it has been done on the basis of the flowers and awfully people will like very much as well. So i am waiting for this and i think this will be available as early as possible. Thanks



Hello there, You have done a great job. I’ll definitely digg it and personally recommend to
my friends. I’m sure they’ll be benefited from this
web site.



Thank you so much, Rachael. I appreciate the love + spreading the word! 🙂


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