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What kind of person takes flower remedies?

Visionary entrepreneurs. conscious creatives. transformative artists. integrative doctors. cutting edge authors. sparkly people. change-makers like you.

Amy Freeman

“I’ve used flower essences for the last ten years. They’ve been a tool for personal growth in my life and my son’s.”

Dr. Andrew Weil

Pioneer of Integrative Medicine. Author.
“I’m a loyal fan of Lotus Wei, and I enjoy using Katie Hess’ flower essences. Katie brings an intuitive knowledge of herbs, spices, and flower essences to the products of Lotus Wei, and Wei of Chocolate.”

Favorite Flower: Stargazer Lily

Dr. Stephanie Marango

Holistic MD. Yoga Teacher.
“Lotus Wei is modern magic. A simple & profound re-connection to our natural birthright that employs ancient wisdom for modern times. I use the essences regularly, and recommend them wholeheartedly!”

Favorite Flower: Red Rose

Johnny Depp

Actor. Green Lifestyle Advocate.
Johnny sent us a nice thank you card!

Favorite Flower: We don’t know, but his favorite color is black, so we gave him a Black Orchid.

Elena Brower

Yoga Instructor, Author, Executive Producer
“Every SINGLE day your products make life so much sweeter and better. I am so grateful for your work.”

Siobhan O’Connor

Executive Editor. Author. Green Beauty Expert.
“Lotus Wei transforms the way I feel in my own skin, what kind of energy I’m putting out into the world, and how people respond to me – all of for the better.”

Favorite Flower: Peony

Michelle Kelthy

Spa Director at Ritz-Carlton, Naples, FL.
“The use of flower essences is an upcoming spa industry trend. The energetic healing properties of flower remedies work on a vibrational level and continue to transform our guests long after they leave the spa.”

Favorite Flower: Lily

Paul Hawken

Entrepreneur. Author. Environmentalist.
“The variety and nuance of the different flower essences are a part of my daily life. I cannot imagine a life without them. They are as basic as salt and water, as needed as fruits and vegetables, as lovely as sleep and joy. They are not magic, they are a dimension of life, a portal to a world that has been exquisitely mapped and expressed by Katie.”

Favorite Flower: Water Lily

Thea Coughlin

Photographer. Teacher. Mama.
“I have noticed a complete shift emotionally and physically. After having no period for almost two years, after taking radiant energy for a month or so I got a light period. Then 5 weeks later I had a bright, full, normal healthy cycle. I am so grateful to have a healthy cycle again. Being an empath, I also have a much easier time witnessing people and feeling them without feeling as drained.”

Amy McDonald

Founder, Under a Tree, an International Spa & Wellness Consultancy.
“Lotus Wei offers a gentle approach to incorporating the sensuality and intelligence of flower essences into the lives of those who are most ready to be inspired, balanced and rejuvenated.”

Favorite Flower: Lily

Yumee Chung

Yoga Instructor.
“I find that I travel more than is probably good for me and I look to Quiet Mind to smooth out the rough edges, both during and after. The Serum is perfect for air travel and the Elixir reminds me to drink more water–I love the subtle use of honey in the blend, by the way–but it’s the mist that I cherish the most. It preps my pillows for sleep and it makes every place I lay my head feel like home.”

Favorite Flower: Datura

Ted Ning

Founder of LOHAS.
“I use flower remedies for vitality, focus and grounding. In my line of work I tend to get stressed and scattered because there are so many things that I want to do. When I feel things start to become overwhelming, flower essences help ground me and give me strength.”

Favorite Flower: Orchid

Dominique Ashaheed

Poet. Teacher. Slam Poet Champion. Mama.
“I don’t feel the same tension and stress that I used to … I just don’t feel it anymore. I even notice it in my performing, and I have energy leftover when I’m done.”

Jeanette LeBlanc Bursey

Photographer. Artist.
“Inspired Action Energy Mist is like productivity crack.”

Favorite Flower: Queen Anne’s Lace

Wendi Cleckner

Licensed Midwife.
“Being a midwife and a natural healthcare provider I am always on the lookout for plant-based products that promote healing and emotional balancing. At night my mind races from the day and the myriad of things that still need to be done – a couple sprays of Quiet Mind and I am asleep in minutes. It is so powerful!”

Favorite Flower: Bird of Paradise

Todd Boston

Guitarist. Multi-Instrumentalist. Composer.
“Katie’s flower essences have made a profound impact on my life. As a musician and creative artist I sometimes need a pickup or shift to keep the project moving along. Literally one spritz from one of the Lotus Wei mists and I am transformed. Infinite Love and Joy Juice are two of my favorites.”

Favorite Flower: Bougainvillia

Chang Feng Mei

Modeling Coordinator. Translator.
“I loved the flower remedies so much I brought Quiet Mind back home to Taiwan for my mom. She’s sleeping better now!”

Maya Hackett

Legacy Arquitect. Community Builder.
“Quiet Mind serum is my constant. My face oil, my foot bath.”

Favorite Flower: Lotus

Ed Begley Jr. & Rachelle Carson

Actors. Green Lifestyle Experts.
“We especially love the energy mists that we sprayed in our faces.”

Favorite Flower: We’re guessing Fruit Blossoms!

Dr. Delphyne Platner

Doctor of Women’s Spirituality. Psychotherapist.
“As an opening ritual I invite my client to choose a flower… or a flower to choose her. Intuitively, she always knows exactly what she needs. Such a divine way to fully arrive and dive into a session!”

Favorite Flower: Yellow Lily

Nell Guzman

Wellness Coordinator at Ronald McDonald House.
“I’m in love with your products, I use them every day on my clients and the people I work with. My job requires for my energy to vibrate in a very high frequency in order to stay positive mentally and emotionally strong, your essences allow me to keep my energy at the level I need to perform my job and help others. Also, Mothers and children battling cancer are seeing the benefits of flower essences, something as simple as a little mist a couple of times a day will change a difficult challenging day to a more positive one”
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Flower Elixir

Enjoy nectar-like drops sublingually or in your water bottle.

Energy Mist

Mist yourself and let it rain down around your face and shoulders.

Balancing Serum

Luscious oil serum applied to your face and the back of your neck.

Transformative Perfume

Spritz your wrists, heart, hair, neck. Blend together and inhale.


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