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Katie Hess is a flower alchemist + the founder of Lotus Wei — one of the world’s leading floral apothecaries.

Katie’s hand-crafted flower elixirs have been praised by Oprah’s right-hand man, Adam Glassman, and enjoyed by A-list celebrities like Johnny Depp. With products sold in 12 countries and featured at several of the world’s premiere hotels + spas, Katie’s flower-powered empire is thriving + growing.

A lifelong spiritual seeker, Katie has trained internationally with flower essence practitioners, and studied meditation + mindful-awareness techniques with several Tibetan Buddhist masters, including The Dalai Lama, The Karmapa — Tibet’s next generation leader — and Ayang Rinpoche.

Katie is on a quest to create world peace, one human being at a time — through powerful flower remedies that ease the heart, heal the body, and awaken the mind.

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Our Message

World peace begins with inner peace.

The simplest + most effective way to transform your home, your community, your workplace, and the world is to cultivate inner peace.

This isn’t just a pleasant idea — it’s backed up with scientific research.

Studies published in The New England Journal of Medicine and The Annual Review of Sociology show that one person’s change in behavior ripples through his or her friends, family and acquaintances.

These social medicine studies prove what (most of us) have secretly suspected, all along:

When you are stressed + agitated, the people around you become stressed + agitated, too. When you are peaceful + happy, the people around you become peaceful + happy, too.

At Lotus Wei, we believe that one of the most powerful ways to cultivate inner peace is through plant-based remedies: using pure flower essences to shift your mood + physiology.

We believe it because we’ve felt it, seen it, researched it, and observed it — for over 13 years.

Flower elixirs work.

On a recent appearance of The Oprah Show, Dr. Mehmet Oz declared that “energy medicine is the future of medicine.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Flower remedies are not hocus-pocus — they’re practical, powerful, and they work.

It’s all based on the premise that your body operates like a finely-tuned instrument. Sometimes, it rings with perfect pitch — everything in perfect alignment. Sometimes, it needs a little re-tuning.

Flower essences act as a natural tuning fork — bringing your body back in tune with a subtle electrical vibration.

And the best part is: you can choose your desired vibration. Maybe today it’s love, curiosity, or compassion. Maybe tomorrow it’s trust, focus, intimacy — or all of the above!

For every mood + feeling, there is a flower. Choose a flower, and change your life.

The Cure For Stress Is Transformative Action.

We live in an era of unbelievable stress, disruption + static.

Most of us are multi-tasking, jamming our schedules, and spending 9+ years of our lives parked in front of the TV. Over a third of us have trouble sleeping, every single night.

Even worse, Wifi signals + cell phone towers are sending unprecedented levels of electro-magnetic activity coursing through our bodies, every minute. We can’t see it.
But it’s there — and it’s making us sick, sad + exhausted.

Creating space, stillness + inner peace is more challenging today than ever before. To rise to the challenge, we need to take action — on a global, policy-making level, but more importantly, on an individual level.

At Lotus Wei, we want to invite thousands — and eventually millions + billions — of people to take action, by working with flower essences. We want to make flower essences as widely understood + accepted as yoga, tai chi and meditation — with a flower remedy cabinet in every home and in every office.

Join us — and join a new kind of flower-power movement.

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Enjoy nectar-like drops sublingually or in your water bottle.

Energy Mist

Mist yourself and let it rain down around your face and shoulders.

Balancing Serum

Luscious oil serum applied to your face and the back of your neck.

Transformative Perfume

Spritz your wrists, heart, hair, neck. Blend together and inhale.


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