LOTUSWEI, we’re super committed to a collaborative style of doing business. One of the reasons we like it so much is because life is short: working with people whose values are innovation, wellness, sustainability, purity of ingredients, authenticity of experience and creating a legacy of goodness on our planet – is a catalyst for powerful brainstorming, long-lasting relationships, and actions that spark a domino effect of goodness.

In short, with more genius, you can get more done + create a more powerful + positive impact in the world. We’re proud of our hand-picked partnerships of people who really get it – folks who are pushing the envelope, staying ahead of the curve and truly wish to benefit others.

Thrilled to work with such A-players, LOTUSWEI hand-collects local flower remedies and creates unique experiences + products that represent the deepest aspirations of an organization or business.

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Flower Elixir

Enjoy nectar-like drops sublingually or in your water bottle.

Energy Mist

Mist yourself and let it rain down around your face and shoulders.

Balancing Serum

Luscious oil serum applied to your face and the back of your neck.

Transformative Perfume

Spritz your wrists, heart, hair, neck. Blend together and inhale.


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