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What we’ve noticed from our 15+ years of empirical research is that people most often feel a difference in their state of mind in as little as 3-5 days.

We get emails every day with people’s stories of transformation.

People sharing how gently, yet powerfully, our flower elixirs have empowered them in so many areas:

  • Experiencing deeper + more sound sleep – without medication.
  • Igniting more sparks + affection in their love relationships
  • Revitalizing inspiration + creativity at work
  • Feeling self-love, self-acceptance + being fearless.
  • Enjoying life more + feeling happier.

What people are saying:

LA Finfinger

“Big shifts and changes.”

“I am a super skeptic and … I can’t say that life hasn’t changed. These past months have brought some of the biggest shifts and changes (with no end in sight)! ”
~ LA Finfinger

Kate Claire

“Completely different person!”

“I feel like a completely different person after the Flowerevolution. I have quite literally shifted the structure of my spine which I have been working toward for the past ten years with very little progress. I’ve changed things about my appearance that I used to feel insecure about and now feel much more confident. I’m looking at the world differently and therefore having a new experience of it. Taking these elixirs every day has become so important to me and I don’t want to ever drink plain water again. The flowers included, their sequence, all of the information provided, the community interaction and the support from Katie and the LOTUSWEI team were all perfect. The program was a beautiful experience for me and I hope to participate in more in the future.”
~ Kate Claire

Sonee Singh

“Deeper awareness of myself.”

“By the end of the first three months, I felt like I had shed old skin and come more into my own. I had deeper awareness of myself, including my limitations and my dreams. I felt like my life was synergetic – I was actively able to recognize bad habits and let go of “the old” in both my personal and work like, and allow new perspectives and new opportunities to come in. I started working on setting up a business, and on a personal level I started to figure out where in the world I wanted to live. We are nearing the end of the program, and I have felt further improvement. I realize my life is a work in progress and there is more letting go that I have to do, and more action that I have to take to make my dreams happen. But I feel that the FlowerEvolution program was a great way to bring awareness and jumpstart this action.”
~ Sonee Singh


“Life-changing experience.”

“Becoming a part of the Flowerevolution was the most extraordinary and life-changing experience. It brought me deep into myself and uncovered layer by layer: my fears, hopes, expectations, attachments, old patterns and habits. The program brought me on a journey, where the final destination was the discovery of how much inner strength i possess, how confident I can sound and how straight I can stand, when it’s time to say the world who I am and what I want. It enhanced the kindness and compassion toward the weaknesses of my own and of those around me. Without a doubt, the thoughtfully and wisely-designed elixirs will bring you a very powerful understanding, that no matter what your desires are, you absolutely CAN make it happen, that Life IS good and for you, from now on, Sky is the limit!”
~ Natalia Johnsen


“Like nothing I have experienced before.”

“It is absolutely an amazing time & I am loving it, even though it makes me feel as if I have fallen into a blender. The new juicy me that appears after every new mix is just mind blowing. The internal shifts and the external are nothing I have experienced before and I have done a lot of work on & with myself since I started 30 years ago in my mid 20s. Maybe it is because my personal work or because of the time we live in or because we are this special group of people… Maybe that is part of it, but having used LOTUSWEI essences for the last 2 years, it has to be the potency of the elixirs. What also amazes me is the synchronicity with what is showing up around me.”
~ Barbara Felber

Even though the flower elixirs themselves do the work of transformation for us – sometimes our Western Minds like to get in the game.

To give your mind something to do, I’m also including:

What this IS NOT:

  • Heavy and dramatic
  • Dwelling on the past
  • Feeling like a victim
  • Re-hashing problems over and over
  • Therapy

What this IS:

  • Fun, freeing and inspiring
  • In-the-moment awareness with forward-thinking positive motivation
  • Feeling courageous enough to look at all parts of yourself and see what’s next
  • Simple techniques you can use anywhere, anytime to calm and clear your mind
  • Delicious, flowerific way of effortlessly catapulting you into bigger opportunities and positive impact in the world

Give yourself the Flowerevolution 6-month Acceleration Program and get direct access to me – to ask questions and get to the bottom of what holds you back in life.

Connect with other inspiring people with similar values: fearlessness, innovation, creativity and making a positive impact in the world.

And ultimately – why wait… to be your best self, to have the courage to do things that you’re afraid of, to dissolve self-limiting patterns that are subconsciously hold you back.

I have created a limited number of each of these hand- crafted elixirs and I’m opening the doors to thousands – knowing that I only have less than a hundred seats available in the program.

Join today:

$97/month or a single payment of $497

Receive and experience:

  • More clarity, confidence and courage
  • Deeper understanding of self-limiting patterns and how to transform them
  • Enhanced focus, determination and synchronicity
  • Greater ability to magnetize opportunities

Join Now

The Flowerevolution 6-Month Acceleration Program is unlike any program you’ve ever taken before. There is literally nothing for you to do – simply take the great tasting, gentle flower elixir each day and over time experience dramatic results.

Registration for FlowerEvolution is open through September 6th. After that we’re closing the doors + and we’re not sure if we’ll be offering this program again.

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Transformative Perfume

Spritz your wrists, heart, hair, neck. Blend together and inhale.


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