December 7, 2012

I’m so thrilled that Oprah’s Creative Director, Adam Glassman, is a huge fan of our products. The Creative Director of Oprah Magazine for twelve years now, he is the one who pioneered the idea of putting images of real women in the magazine. I like this guy already.

Then our Inner Peace Mist had a mini appearance on Oprah’s Favorite Things TV show, in an endearing scene where Adam and Oprah are on Skype deciding what to chose for the Favorite Things. When Adam gets stressed, he reaches for the Inner Peace Mist on his desk. He also misted down his whole team before the call.

It’s wonderful to see Adam being in a position of influence to benefit so many people–so cool to watch him visit farmer’s markets, choose excellent products and support businesses, for example a brother-sister pair of entrepreneurs making flavored popcorns. To know that there are people out there working as you do, motivated by doing good … is heart-warming.

When we produce the flower essences, I talk about visualizing that when you’re holding a bottle, you’re holding someone’s heart … because ultimately this sense of sacredness and preciousness will catalyze transformation for the person receiving the flower essences. That’s also why I loved watching someone use flower essences on TV–it’s such an influential medium.

I did a phone interview the other day with Jini Patel Thompsen and we were talking about what it takes to create a huge positive impact in the world. My flower essence teacher used to say that if 3% of the world’s population was taking flower essences, that it would create a huge positive outcome for our future.

Jini said, “If you’re coming from the place where you believe you need majority, that’s really discouraging, and you get really down … thinking to yourself, I’ll never get there. But to understand that you don’t need majority, you only need critical mass: that can be 3% or 12% depending on if you’re looking at market trends or philosophies, that becomes really encouraging and feels really doable.”

I find that exciting to think about: what you do makes such a huge difference, bigger than you know …




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Trisha N

You’re awesome Katie! I’m so happy for you and your company! I’m glad to know you 🙂 You make such a difference in women’s lives who are in business! Continue with your successes in 2013 and beyond!!!!! -Trisha


Katie Hess

Trisha! Wow! Where are you, my long lost friend? Things have evolved a lot; I’m sure the same with you. Much love.


Nell Guzman


You know I in love with your products, I use them every day on my clients and the people I work with. My job requires for my energy to vibrate in a very high frequency in order to stay positive mentally and emotionally strong, your essences allow me to keep my energy at the level I need to perform my job and help others. Also, Mothers and children battling cancer are seeing the benefits of flower essences, something as simple as a little mist a couple of times a day will change a difficult challenging day to a more positive one.

Nell Guzman
Ronald McDonald House Wellness Coordinator


Katie Hess

You’re so kind, Nell. You have such a big heart.


Ted Ning

Way to go Katie! You and your products rock!!!


Katie Hess

So lucky to have you and Jen in my life! Thanks for celebrating with me.



Katieeeeeee!!! ;D here’s to a happier smarter kinder flower essence world!


Katie Hess

yes, please … with you. ; )


Martin Chalk

Love your work. You make beautiful essences.


Katie Hess

Martin! Means a lot coming from you. Your Aussie flower-power water is the best! Balance …


Mary H Anderson

Wonderful news, Katie~ Congratulations! I LOVE your products and so do my clients…here’s to your continued, well~deserved success. I want to see more honor for and usage of Plant Medicine and Energetics in 2013 and beyond so I will be incorporating the Wei of Chocolate in my practice for this coming year along with your incredible Lotus Wei creations.


Katie Hess

Thank you, Mary. I love what you say about Plant Medicine & Energetics being honored in 2013. Thank you for seeing that into reality. You are a blessing.


Jeannie Jarnot

Congratulations Lotus Wei! Well done – Jeannie Jarnot


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