November 19, 2012

Why we love Carrie Parry:

* organic, biodegradable, renewable textiles

* all clothing ethically made in NYC

* supports indigenous, artisanal women in Indian Himalayas

* for every garment purchased, a tree is planted in India through the non-profit Trees for the Future

* the fall collection was shot in collaboration with the Self-Portrait Project, meaning the models shot their own self-portraits–how cool is that!

You’ll see our favorite designs below alongside flowers and plants whose essence we felt matched most.

Evokes love and acceptance like a gorgeous hong kong orchid.

Feel bold and determined like wild horsetail, for the days you want to make a statement.

Look elegant and sophisticated like the swirling, night-blooming Datura flower.

Feel daring and expressive like a Star Gazer Lily.

Or strong and wise … like a Redwood tree.

Which suits you best?

The beautiful Carrie Parry herself. Her portfolio includes costumes for Memoirs of a Geisha and an English vintage traveling circus. She was instrumental in creating the Future Fashion sustainable textile library.

See the entire collection & shop here, and get next week’s event details here.

For some behind-the-scenes fun, watch the video below.

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